Best Gadgets For Photography

Everyone wants to be an Instagram influencer; capturing historic sites, unbelievable desserts, stylish outfits, spectacular views and the like. At least the people I meet. Taking photos has become part of our daily lives and when we travel, it becomes an even bigger element.

While traveling, I’ve learned a lot about how to take a photo (at least I think so) and what gadgets are quite useful. Of course the type of equipment you need will vary depending on what kinds of photos you’d like to take and from the setting but I’ve narrowed down some key items worth taking up space in your travel bag. Take a look if you want to improve your photography game for these travel scenarios!

For Amazing Landscapes & More

The Hasselblad True Zoom is phenomenal for the novice photographer. Offering 10x the zoom, this gadget allows you to take high quality photos from any distance. With xenon flash, photos are crisper than ever! Connecting to any Moto Z phone via a magnet, the phone instantly detects the mod and allows you to have enhanced control for the ultimate experience. Access and edit your photos through Google Photos as the phone instantly uploads to the server. Available at $299.99, this is definitely worth the investment especially if you are looking to capture your travels from a variety of perspectives. Get close-up shots of a beautiful flower or a breathtaking landscape of the seaside!

For Aerial Perspectives

Looking for something lightweight but a bit more advanced? Try the Parrot Bebop 2. A drone that makes nature even more phone, easily take your photos to new heights. Get imagery of a farm from above or your family hiking a trail or picnicking in a park. The drone is super intuitive, allowing you to pilot the drone without the fear of crashing it into a person. Best for aerial video, you can still use the drone for photos taken with a wide angle lens. Don’t worry about quality because the drone shoots everything in HD, offering the highest of the high in terms of formatting. Once you have what you want, download the photos to your phone or computer with the touch of a button. Available at $699.99, this is a purchase you won’t stop using!

For Selfies and Scrapbook Moments

Are you someone who misses having physical photos? Try the Polaroid Snap Touch Camera at just $179.99. A sleek digital camera, it enables you to take photos and then instantly print them on the spot. The camera allows you to edit photos before printing - providing different color modes, sticker add ons, frames and more. Once your image is printed, the fun is taken even further as the photo can be transformed into a sticker! Peel the back and stick your photos in your scrapbook as you travel or leave you mark in the city you’re in. The camera also has a tiny mirror built into the front so if you want to do a selfie, you know where to look and how to pose.

For Underwater and Action Shots

Dying to capture what it was like swimming with dolphins or riding an ATV across a desert? Try the Hero5 Session from GoPro. You can wear it, mount it or just carry it! Share your photos from anywhere instantly by uploading video to the cloud and enjoy features such as burst and time lapse mode to capture photos of any variety. Available at $349.99, the camera is small, waterproof and shoots footage at an incredibly high resolution. What’s not to love?

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