Great Gifts For People Who Are Always Cold

Their freezing toes will thank you.
Fluffy slippers, heated blankets and cute gloves make great gift ideas for your friends who don't know what it means to not be cold.
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Fluffy slippers, heated blankets and cute gloves make great gift ideas for your friends who don't know what it means to not be cold.

While some rejoice at the arrival of cooler temperatures that don’t require four showers a day, others long for warmer months and cling to their oversized blankets. This is especially true for people who always seem to be freezing, no matter the weather.

It’s likely that you know at least one person who is forever bundled up in the fluffiest fleece throw, insists on keeping the heat on all year to “knock the chill off” and keeps a pack of hand warmers in their possession at all times. It’s important to note that there’s a possibility of underlying conditions or health reasons as to why someone may always feel cold, too. The holidays are the best time to show them how much you care about them — and their warmth — by presenting them with gifts they’ll actually use.

Thick socks, space heaters and plush robes are certain to be at the top of their wish list. We’ve rounded up all of these and more for you below. Knock out your holiday shopping early to combat this year’s supply chain issues.

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A pair of stylish texting gloves
Gloves don't have to be boring to look at. These colorblocked gloves are 13 inches long, so no wrists will be left out in the cold.

Get them at Anthropologie for $32.
An ergonomic heated foot warmer under $40
For perpetually cold friends who spend a lot of time sitting down, this handy foot warmer will be an essential. It has three adjustable positions for optimum comfort.

Get it at Amazon for $37.99.
A heat pillow filled with cherry pits
Yes, cherry pits. This therapeutic pillow is stuffed with naturally dried and sterilized cherry pits that produce moist heat when microwaved, without the use of additional chemicals or substances.

Get it at Uncommon Goods for $32.
A pair of fluffy slippers
Having literal cold feet is one of the biggest annoyances, even for those who aren't cold all the time. These memory foam slippers feature a thick plush fleece interior and anti-slip soles.

Get them at Amazon starting at $19.99.
A 12-pound weighted blanket
Not only does this velvety weighted blanket provide extra warmth, but it's specifically designed to offer calming pressure for relaxation.

Get it at Bed Bath & Beyond for $49.99.
A pair of fleece-lined leggings
Your loved one will always reach for these ankle leggings. They have a warm fleece lining, an elastic high-rise waistband and come in regular, tall and petite sizes.

Get them at Old Navy for $24.99.
A cozy ear warmer
For cold-natured runners, this ear warmer will be a saving grace. It's equipped with two layers of comfortable fleece, and one reviewer reports that it "stays in place and wicks and dries quickly."

Get it from REI for $20.
Some super thick wool socks
Remember when you were a kid and socks used to be the most uninteresting gift you could receive during the holidays? Not anymore. These fuzzy crew socks will keep feet warm all year.

Get them at Amazon for $18.98.
A Mr. Coffee mug warmer
Keep their coffee (and soups and tea) warm with this mug warmer. It's travel friendly, small enough to fit easily on a counter or desk and comes with a long power cord so it can be placed anywhere.

Get it at Amazon for $11.99.
A spiced wine mix
For vino fans, the arrival of fall and winter means the reemergence of mulled wine. All they'll need to do is combine this mix with their wine of choice and water.

Get it at Uncommon Goods for $15.
A rechargeable pocket warmer
Even if they aren't planning on being outside in the cold for a football game anytime soon, this pocket warmer works just as well for indoor use.

Get it at Amazon for $19.49.
A heated throw blanket
A blanket that does all the heating work for you with only the switch of a button? It almost sounds too good to be true, but this snuggly cold weather must-have will probably be used year-round.

Get it at Bed Bath & Beyond for $56.99.
A stretchy knit beanie
You can't go wrong with gifting a quality skull beanie. They're a winter essential, come in so many different colors and they keep even the coldest of heads warm all day.

Get it at Amazon for $9.99.
A scented warming coaster
Simply pop this coaster in the microwave for 30 seconds and voilà! An instant warming coaster for a fresh cup of coffee or tea. Choose from a cinnamon and clove-scented coaster or a coffee-scented coaster to make them feel like they're at their favorite coffee shop.

Get it at Uncommon Goods for $15.
A super plush Turkish cotton robe
Made of 100% smooth Turkish cotton, they'll be reaching for this robe right after getting out of the shower or first thing in the morning. It includes two front pockets (for a pocket warmer, of course) and a shawl collar to keep their neck warm.

Get it at Parachute for $99.
Some self-warming eye masks
For a few moments of zen, these eye masks are a nap-time essential. They only take 30 seconds to warm up and stay heated for 20 minutes.

Get them at Uncommon Goods for $20.
A pair of ballerina herbal warming slippers
You may be a skeptic when it comes to slippers you can put in the microwave, but hear us out: These are ultra soft, plus they have removable insoles filled with aromatic dried lavender buds and flax seeds that safely heat up in the microwave.

Get it at Uncommon Goods for $48.
A portable space heater
A classic gift for someone who's always cold is a portable space heater they can store away when they're finally not cold anymore. This heater has an LED thermostat display and an oscillation feature to disperse warm air throughout the room.

Get it at Amazon for $49.99.
A pair of insulated bib overalls
So a ski trip isn't in their near future. Or maybe it is. Either way, skiing bib overalls are made to keep wearers warm due to their lightweight insulation, and if there's someone in your life who feels like they constantly live in the mountains of Aspen, they will appreciate this pair. Choose from an array of colors like black, cappuccino or crimson.

Get them at Amazon for $37.85.
A fancy towel warmer
Turn your chilly pal's home into a spa with this extra large towel warmer. No longer will they have to suffer from the discomfort of cold or room-temperature towels after getting out of the shower. It also warms robes, blankets, and pajamas.

Get it at Amazon for $140.43.

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