The Best Etsy Gifts For Plant Lovers

Be it handmade planters or flower-themed wall art, this online gem is filled with presents that green thumbs will love.
A metal plant mister, disco ball hanging planter, some Monstera deliciosa seeds and a ceramic pot with drainage.

The happiness that we plant lovers get from tending to our little green friends and surrounding ourselves with overgrown foliage is unmatched by most things in this world. Green thumbers both aspiring or expert-level are likely filling their holiday shopping carts with items like a functional watering can that’s pretty enough to be displayed or a bag of nutrient-rich potting soil.

Over the years, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Etsy’s supply of plant-related items. This online platform known for handcrafted and personalized goods is packed with unique products such as ceramic planters, propagating vases and even variegated seedlings ready for planting. Plus, there’s an extra layer of delight in knowing that I’m supporting small businesses when I buy at Etsy.

If you want to present a plant lover with something that they will find truly delightful this year, I won’t gatekeep any longer. Ahead, I’ve assembled a robust list of gift-able plant-related goodies ready for you to shop, all from Etsy. It’s a great idea to hop on these products now. Due to the homemade nature of many of these items, shipping lead times can be long.

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Specially formulated potting soil
Based in Eugene, Oregon, this small business curates potting mixes specific to plant type. Whether someone's planting a snake plant or a philodendron, you can find a bag of 100% natural and organic premium potting soil filled with customized nutrients and hand-mixed locally.
A set of two Chinese takeout planters
This pair of Chinese takeout planters adds a little touch of cute to windowsills, shelves or desktops and they even come with decorative chopsticks that can double as a mini trellis for wayward plant tendrils. They're made using plant-based materials and buyers have the option to add drainage holes.
Large glass terrarium
House any humidity-loving plants, succulents or mosses inside this terrarium made to function like a mini greenhouse of glass panes set inside a brass-coated steel frame. It's able to hold a full bed of substrate and plants, while a large swing door makes it easy to access the inside.
A plant pruning set
This 3-piece pruning set makes it easy to precisely manicure dead leaves without disrupting any delicate stems or existing growth. Each tool has been pre-oiled, fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and has an intentional rustic look. The set includes one pair of scissors and two pruners.
A customizable terracotta pot mug
The perfect vessel for piping hot tea or morning coffee, this mug designed to look just like a terracotta pot is both dishwasher- and microwave-safe and hails from a small woman-owned business in Odessa, Texas. The seller also offers customizable text and font options for the front of the mug.
A cute and customizable T-shirt
I purchased this very same shirt for my father, one of the most ardent plant-lovers I know, and I can't tell you how many compliments he receives when he wears it. Printed on a premium fabric blend that's breathable and resistant to shrinking, this shirt is available in four color options and sizes XS-XL.
A living succulent wall arrangement
When your plant-lover has run out of space for plants, get them this vertical garden that is handmade using urban redwood and cedar that are naturally rot-resistant. Each frame has built-in drainage so your plants won't get water-logged and comes with an easy-hang attachment. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this planter is available in three sizes and can be sold with just the frame or pre-planted with a variety of moss and succulents.
A grower's guide to house plants print
Part educational and part decorative, this poster features care information for house plants and vintage textbook-like imagery. It's available in three sizes (frame not included).
A no-splash long-stem watering can
When I first spotted this pitcher-like watering can, I absolutely had to have it. The design itself is unique but also functional, in that the narrow and ultra-long spout can easily reach and water the center of plant beds without the water ricocheting off leaves and making a mess on my floor. The no-splash top is also a godsend and I love that it has a large enough capacity to hold 32 ounces of water while also being lightweight enough to lift above my hanging plants, thanks to the durable resin body.

Another plus is that the splash guard is removable, so when you want to fill your can with nutritious leftover rice water, for instance, you can pour it directly into the wide mouth from your rinsing bowl without spilling half of it.

(The turquoise and terracotta colors are currently available via waitlist, and the gray color is in stock for immediate shipment.)
A large capacity metal watering can
Any plant lover will tell you that as their collection grows, watering day often means making multiple cumbersome trips to the sink and back for refills. This chic midcentury modern-style watering can actually hold one and half liters (roughly 50 ounces) of water at a time, features a precision spout and is made from an anti-rust stainless steel. This can is also available in both a matte black and silver.
Hanging macrame wall planters
A true plant lover's home wouldn't be complete without a macrame plant hanger, and these customizable options are hand-woven and the perfect addition to an empty wall space. Choose from over 40 colors and two sizes that can accommodate pots up to 10 inches in diameter.
Glass frog watering bulbs
Watering bulbs can definitely come in handy for busy plant parents that might not always remember to water as often as they should. I'm obsessed with these hand-blown glass bulbs that feature multi-hued frogs to peek out between the fronds and leaves of your plants.
A bubble planter with removable drainage tray
The ultimate nod to modern-meets-'90s decor, these bubble planters feature five drainage holes to keep plants from becoming waterlogged and a removable tray for easy cleaning. A special feature is that the planters are made from a thermoplastic polymer derived from renewables for a highly porous material that keeps soil aerated. The color combinations are also endless as the seller allows you to mix and match your planter and tray shades.
A pair of ceramic pots
I purchased this set of ceramic pots with matching trays for myself a couple years ago and I absolutely love them, especially for how reasonably priced they are. They are made with a sturdy glazed clay and are the perfect size for housing plants that are in that awkward in-between stage when they are too big for small first-growth pots, but too small for larger planters.
A hanging propagation ladder
At this point I've run out of space to house all my mini mason jars filled with spare plant clippings, so if there's one thing at the top of my Christmas list, it's this propagation ladder. Outfitted with nine removable test tube vases, this wooden ladder can easily be hung on a wall or in front of the window, the perfect environment for clippings to start rooting and become ready for planting.
A metal plant mister
Humidity-loving ferns and tropical plants may appreciate a gentle spray down now and then and this apothecary-like mister is a great way to do it. Not only does the metal body hold a cup and a half of water, but the gold-toned nozzle delivers fine spritzes of water and it's also begging to be displayed on a pile of coffee table books or a mounted shelf.
A fresh eucalyptus shower bundle
One luxury I have recently started affording myself is keeping a fresh and aromatic bunch of eucalyptus hanging from my showerhead. Even non-plant lovers will rejoice in the fragrant and indulgent wonders that this herb bundle can provide. It comes shipped directly to you, already cut and pre-tied with an included self-adhesive hook.
A hanging disco ball planter
Eye-catching and fun, this disco ball planter bathes any room in rainbow sparkle whenever the light catches it. It's available in three different sizes and each ball comes with a chain so it's ready to hang.
Soil moisture indicators
Even the most seasoned plant care pros know that watering plants correctly can be a tricky business, and this tool is a great practical gift to help. These color-changing meters indicate the moisture level of the soil to help gauge how much water your plant needs when, and are made with 100% biodegradable materials. They are available in packs of five or 10.
A large waterproof potting mat
This potting mat is the perfect gift for indoor greenspace keepers who may not have a lot of outdoor area to pot their plants. Made from waterproof material, it snaps together at the corners to make a tray, great for keeping messes on the mat and not on the floor. After use, it can be unsnapped, folded up and stored.
Rare variegated monstera deliciosa albo seeds
This rare and tropical variation of the monstera deliciosa is not a beginner plant, but once cultivated properly, will reveal both stark white and multi-colored shades of green. This seller ships 100 variegated seedlings that are ready to be potted, and they also send a growing guide.
A collection of houseplant seeds
The perfect collection of exotic tropical houseplants can be found in this seed set of five plant varieties including lofty fig, philodendron and monstera deliciosa, all sourced from a credible grower in San Marcos, California. These seeds will need to be sprouted before planting.

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