10 Gifts For Anyone Who's Been Living With Their Parents For 9 Months

We can't change the fact that you're sharing a wall with your parents. But we can make those walls feel a little thicker.

The coronavirus outbreak has caused many of us to rearrange our lives in different ways. For some people, it’s led them back into their parents’ houses.

Moving back in with family is an adjustment for everyone. It’s a bag of mixed emotions — gratitude toward family members for opening up their homes, pantries and outdoor space, and frustration when acknowledging that it hasn’t been easy.

Nine months in, living with just about anyone during a pandemic is tough. Living with the people you already had to live with once before? Well, that’s tougher.

Below are 10 gifts that just might make the foreseeable future a bit more bearable ― err, relaxing for friends living with their folks:

A Calm App Subscription
For those moments when they need to breathe in and zen out, Calm offers a free seven-day trial, followed by a $69.99 yearly charge.
A Brooklinen Bedding Set
For turning the bedroom into a cozy sanctuary, get the Brooklinen linen hardcore sheet bundle for $438 (currently 20% off).
An Immediately Relaxing Candle
This scent is so good you'll feel like you're worlds away from your childhood bedroom. Get the Finding Home Farms fig & sage candle for $23.
A Killer Under-Eye Serum
This year has felt a lot more a decade, but our skin doesn't have to show it. Get the Elemis pro-collagen advanced eye treatment for $68.
Noise-Canceling Headphones
No explanation necessary. Get the Bose noise-canceling headphones for $299.95.
Fancy Laundry Detergent
For the pieces you don't want thrown in with the family dog's towels, get the Le Labo Santal signature detergent for $45.
Vetted CBD Drops
These blogger-beloved CBD products pair well with the Calm app. Get the Equilibria daily drops for $58.
A Long Cotton Robe
This robe is an easy way to turn your childhood bathroom into a spa. Plus it's customizable, so no one can "grab it by mistake." Get The Company Store turkish cotton long robe for $79.
A Quiet Vibrator
Because we can't change the fact that you're sharing a wall with your parents, get the Dame Zee bullet vibrator for $24.
A Decadent WFH Situation
You might not want to walk around your parents' house in your underwear. Here's the next best thing: a cashmere leisure outfit. Get the Naadam cashmere cropped tank for $51 and cropped pants for $111.

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