Because The Gluten Intolerant Have Taste Buds, Too: Los Angeles Edition

PHOTOS: The Most Delicious Gluten-Free Food

Finding your favorite food isn't always easy for the gluten intolerant. Fortunately, us Angelenos live in a very sympathetic city. Eateries all over Los Angeles now offer a bounty of gluten-free options, but it begs the question: which ones are actually good? No need to fear, we've investigated a best-of list for you. Just order and enjoy!

Best Gluten-Free Breakfast: Bea Bea's
Bea Bea's
Bea Bea’s motto is “Breakfast is everything" and they're not kidding around. With a versatile menu that includes waffles, crepes, burritos and omelettes, you'll always find a way to satisfy your craving. And for the gluten free? Bea’s offers all 20 kinds of pancakes and 27 varieties of French Toast GLUTEN FREE! Finally, an indulgent breakfast with no follow-up stomach ache.

Runner-up: Bru’s Wiffle A Waffle Joint
Best Gluten-Free Delivery: Fresh Brothers
Fresh Brothers
Sometimes there are nights when all you want to do is stay in and order something like pizza. For the gluten intolerant, this isn’t an easy task -- until Fresh Brothers, that is. Fresh Brothers’ gluten-free pizza tastes almost just like regular pizza and offers a multitude of other gluten-free items like chicken wings, salads and even desserts. You can create your own pizza with gluten-free crust or add it to any of your favorites. "Fresh Momma's Favorite" is always a winner (and yes, you can order online).

Runner-up: EVO Kitchen
Best Gluten-Free Sandwich: Mendocino Farms
Mendocino Farms
Mendocino Farms takes pride in promoting seasonal, local and organic eating habits -- and they are becoming famous for their insanely delicious sandwiches. Ask anyone, they’re probably the best in LA and they offer them gluten-free! Just request the “sensitive baker’s gluten-free bread.” Can’t decide which sandwich to get? Try the “Farm Club” or “Chicken MBT.” You can also skip the bread altogether and get your sandwich "salad style" – just the greens! (And just as good.)

Runner-up: The Misfit
Best Gluten-Free Burgers & Hot Dogs: The Addiction Bistro
The Addiction Bistro
Sometimes all you really want is a hamburger -- and not the typical gluten-free kind that’s sad and wrapped in lettuce. Fortunately, The Addiction Bistro serves everything gluten-free and homemade, from burgers and chili to nachos and currywurst. The entire menu is gluten-free but The Addiction’s real specialties are their burgers and hotdogs. Best bets are the truffle burger or chili dog (throw in a side of truffle fries while you’re at it).

Runner-up: Fritzi Dog at The Original Farmer's Market
Best Gluten-Free Pizza: PizzaRev
PizzaRev is all about crafting your own artisan pizza. Using only the freshest ingredients, you can design your own perfect pizza choosing your sauce, cheese (there is a vegan option), and any of their 37 toppings. Their gluten free crust is amazing but the coolest part? No matter what or how many toppings you choose, the pizza always stays the same price. Time to get creative!

Runner-up: Green Olive
Best Gluten-Free Sushi: Katsuya
Sure, you can say that most sushi is “gluten-free” because rice is technically not gluten. Realistically however, the gluten intolerant can’t enjoy the “fun” rolls; the word “crispy” tends to send us running. Plus, soy sauce isn’t actually gluten-free. That is until Katsuya. Not only do they offer gluten-free tamari soy-sauce, but all of their crispy rice is gluten-free too!

Runner-up: Sugarfish
Best Gluten-Free Pasta: Trattoria Bella Roma
Trattoria Bella Roma
Chef Robert Amico, head chef at Trattoria Bella Roma, doesn’t see running his restaurant as work, but instead, “an intimate dinner party with great guests.” They will gladly make all 34 (yes, 34) of their delicious pastas and sauces gluten-free especially for you. They offer gluten-free spaghetti, fusilli and rigatoni. FINALLY!

Runner-up: Portofino Downtown
Best Gluten Free Dessert: BJ's Gluten Free Pizookie
BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse is exactly what it sounds like: a loud, fun sports bar meant for pigging out. Unfortunately, for the gluten impaired, pigging out can be hard, since, you know, nothing worth pigging out over is gluten-free. Thankfully BJ’s famously indulgent dessert, the “Pizookie,” now comes gluten-free. What’s a Pizookie, you ask? A giant chocolate chip cookie topped with vanilla bean ice cream served in a piping hot deep dish. In other words, heaven.

Runner-up: Babycakes NYC – Salted Caramel Donut
Best Gluten-Free Bakery: Whisk Gluten Free Bakery
Whisk Gluten Free Bakery
Founded by by two gluten-free sisters who were tired of “decent” gluten-free desserts, Whisk Gluten-Free Bakery is very, very far from just decent. In fact, it’s amazing. Not only are their cupcakes better than most normal cupcakes, but they also offer vegan options and they deliver. Do not miss the peanut butter cup cupcakes.

Runner-up: Breakaway Bakery
Best Gluten-Free Beer: Sunset Beer Company
Sunset Beer Company Facebook
Sunset Beer Company offers an abundant selection of craft beers, a wide range of prices and a very friendly staff that's ready to help you find your perfect beer. They also offer an extensive assortment of sans gluten beer and the non-judgmental staff won’t even cringe at the words "gluten-free." Try “Omission” by Widmer Brothers Brewing Company. You can barely taste the difference.

Runner-up: Stout Burgers & Beers