Best Google Street View Shots (PICTURES): What's The Most Picturesque Street In The US?

Google recently completed the first-ever 'Street View Best Streets Awards,' recognizing the best foodie street, best fashion street, and most picturesque street in Britain.

The Shambles in York took the top prize for England's most picturesque street. It's quite quaint, and certainly historic. But why should Britain get all the recognition?

HuffPost Tech wants to know what you think is the most picturesque street in the US. Google defined the most picturesque street in Britain as one that 'could be vibrant, full of character, diverse, walker-friendly or architecturally interesting.' Now we want the US version!

Go to Google Maps' Street View, take a screenshot of what you consider to be the most beautiful, charming, or distinctive street in the United States, then send it to us! If you need some inspiration, try checking out these VIPs favorite places around the world, as shared on Street View.

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