Best Graduation Scenes: 10 High School Graduations From TV Shows And Movies

We all want our high school graduation to be as just unforgettable as it is in the movies. I mean, who could forget the last scene of She's All That, when Freddie Prince Jr. -- wearing nothing but a soccer ball to cover himself -- goes up to accept his diploma and then throws the ball to Rachel Leigh Cook? Or when Ricky proposes to Amy onstage after his valedictorian speech in The Secret Life of the American Teenager? Not to mention Shawn Hunter's ode to his favorite teacher, Mr. Feeny, on Boy Meets World -- if that one doesn't make you get a little misty, we don't know what will.

Graduation can be bittersweet. You're starting an exciting new chapter in your life, but it's also the end of an era. These unforgettable scenes from some of our favorite movies and TV shows capture the swirl of emotions, both good and bad, that come along with finishing high school. So as you start to get nostalgic for high school days-gone-by, pull out the tissue box and check out these 10 memorable high school graduation scenes.

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Top 10 High School Graduation Scenes