Best Green Books: The Top 10 Environmental Reads For Earth Day 2012

Top 10 Green Reads For Earth Day

When people think about “going green,” reusing, reducing, and recycling are some of the more popular associated words. But what about another important environmental ‘R’: reading?

Reading about the environment has raised some controversy in recent years. Some studies suggest that children’s books are shying away from nature themes, and as Marc Levinson quotes a disgruntled editor in a recent Wall Street Journal article, “the only way to sell a book on the environment is to get readers alarmed.”

This unfortunate mindset ignores gems of environmental literature that do not aim to shock or alarm, but simply to educate. Green books can overlap with a number of other genres and incorporate sustainable living into many different facets of life -- check out this list of our favorite green Christmas reads.

Here is the list of top 10 Green Reads from Better World Books in honor of Earth Day on April 22nd. Better World Books, an online service founded in 2002, uses proceeds from the books they sell to fund literacy initiatives and foundations across the globe.

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Natural Capitalism: Creating The Next Industrial Revolution By Paul Hawken

Top 10 Green Reads

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