Best Green Twitter Feeds

Best Green Twitter Feeds

Twitter, the free micro-blogging and social networking site, enables its users worldwide to discuss (among other topics) all things green. From green living tips to local, national and international environmental news, users can follow the green musings of its 2 million users.


* GreenNews offers international green news updates.

* Green Living notifies followers of green living tips from its affiliate website Eco Tech Daily.

* Check out Global Warming for top green news and global warming updates.

* Green Tweet provides interesting and useful green living advice tips, like these:

Cyclists are the most punctual of employees: traffic jams do not affect them, neither do train delays. 12:34 PM August 14, 2008 from web

Place an insulated cover over your pool when it is not being used to help prevent water loss through evaporation. 11:44 AM August 13, 2008 from web


* Grist's twitter complements the green updates from its excellent environment, humor and politics site.

* The Green Options twitter compiles news from all of the website's blogs.

* EcoGeek's twitter offers news updates based on the website's green tech postings.

* The Sprig twitter reports green living tips from the Sprig website, which advertises itself as "your daily green style guide."

Sprig tip: turn the temperature on your fridge up a degree and fill the freezer with containers of ice to help lower energy use 12:07 PM July 02, 2008

* Sustainablog's twitter features excerpts of the blog's postings.

"[sustainablog] Back to School Shopping Madness 2: What an Environmentally Concerned Co. about 3 hours ago from twitterfeed

* The Eco-Chickie twitter is based on green news from Eco-chick's website.

"Michael Phelps :: swimming as renewables :: American energy? So says Dennis, with a stern glance at Congress: /jo
Icon_star_empty" 3 days ago from web

Eco-entrepreneur Shea Gunther's twitter features updates from his green sites EarthFirst and GreenOrder.


* The National Wildlife Federation's twitter compiles the latest green environmental news, like this unnerving fact:

Kids can identify more Pokemon than wildlife: 09:49 AM August 04, 2008

* The Wilderness Society's twitter enables readers to be constantly updated on news from the Society's website.


* For Seattle green news updates follow the greenmedia twitter.

* From updates on local craft fairs to the newest local community blogs the EcoMetro twitter provides news updates for Portland, Seattle, and Minneapolis.

* The GreenMichigan twitter offers news on the environment for Michigan, the Midwest and the Great Lakes.


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