This Wild Hair Dryer Will Make Your Blowouts Go Way Faster

Can hair-dly wait to try it.

Try as we may, we can never quite get our hair to look as good at home as it does when we leave the salon.

Enter Revlon, with a wild-looking contraption that might just hold the solution.

Its new dryer, the Revlon Pro Collection 360 Surround Styler, looks like a normal hair dryer at first glance, but is actually a dual purpose tool, which, when put in “vertical 360 drying mode,” activates “targeted air jets that surround each hair section front and back,” according to a release.

Minds. Blown.

A tool that surrounds the entire section of your hair, giving you more control to style each piece, sounds like a pretty genius idea to us. Revlon said in a statement that it cuts down drying time, meaning less damage to the hair.

Best of all? It will set you back about the same price you’d pay for one blowout in the salon: $60.

Head to Revlon to learn more and to purchase.

So. Smart. 
So. Smart.