The Best Halloween Costumes Of 2014, According To Us

The Best Halloween Costumes Of 2014, According To Us

It's that time of the year, folks. Think you've got an awesome Halloween costume? Well, show us what you got!

HuffPost Comedy is back with our annual round up of the best Halloween costumes of the year. We've kicked things off with some of the best costumes the Internet has to offer, but we need you to complete the list!

UPDATE: Submissions have ended! Thank you all for sending in your incredibly creative costumes. Scroll down for 127 of the best costumes of 2014. See you next year!

'Schweddy Balls' Sketch From 'SNL'
Krista Friedman
That Guy In Every Pringles Commercial
Brent Morris
King Joffrey
Doug Merritt (photo of his coworker)
Sara (with no H, because H’s are EW)
Mallory Thompson
Bojack Horseman
Daniel Lewis
Chris Farley's "Lunch Lady" From 'SNL'
Amy Huo
Amy Poehler's 'Yes Please' Book Cover
Courtney Smith
Joan Rivers & Robin Williams
Nadine & Scott Lautzenheiser
Tippi Hendren From 'The Birds'
Robin Fannon
Shia Labeouf
Ben Boskovich
Pam Poovey From 'Archer'
Amy Kearns
The Various Stages Of 'Forrest Gump'
Andrew Yung
Cher & Dionne From 'Clueless'
Marcus + Jason
Kermit 'But That's None Of My Business' Meme
Michael Abdul-Qawi
Arcade Fire
Jenna Todd
Margot Tenenbaum
Kathleen Heaney
Sarah Blackwood
Zach Galifianakis 'Between Two Ferns'
Sallie Mae
E. Moise
Hey Arnold! Palmer
Danielle Geneux
A Millenial
Nicole Broome
The Rock's '90s Throwback
Joe Gall
Complete with magnet as if to ask, "How do these work?"
Tyrone Biggums From 'Chappelle's Show'
The Ice Bucket Challenge
Portlandia's Feminist Bookstore Owners

Toni and Candace aren't pleased with your use of the word 'unit'. #portlandia #halloween #feministbookstore

A photo posted by Breanne Thomas (@brethomas) on

Randy Marsh's Medical Marijuana Phase
'Sexy' Steve Jobs
Giant, Walking Brown Paper Bag
French Kiss
Ashley Foerster
Kari Zipay
Queen Elizabeth II
Charlotte Harris
Bob Ross And Happy Little Tree Painting
Suzanne Fagan
Rosie The Riveter
Jasna Evans
The Ladies Of 'The Heat'
Jennifer Stricker and Deena Reed
Putin On The Ritz
SharkCat Rides a Roomba
Brandie Knight
The Voice Judges
Kristi Dunham
Mr. T
Chris Wilson
Prince Playing Basketball
Shanequa Chambers
Tapatio Guy
Donilon Alcantara
'Orange Is The New Black' Cast
Devon Cahan
Olivia Pope
Mikahila Bloomfield
Fallon's 'Tight Pants' SKetch
Rachel Scott
Ben Mueller
J Tokle
Peg & Al Bundy From 'Married With Children'
Alli Achterberg
Theodore & Samantha From 'Her'
Michaela Gleason
Michonne & Her Walkers From 'The Walking Dead'
Elisha Roberts
Coppertone Girl
Natalee Graham
Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg's 'Dick In A Box'
'Sexy' Zoidberg From 'Futurama'
Wilson From 'Home Improvement'
Harry And Marv, The 'Wet Bandits' From 'Home Alone'
The Tri-Breasted Woman
Louise From 'Bob's Burgers'
Tina Belcher From 'Bob's Burgers'
Colonel Sanders And Chicken
Simon Pegg In 'Sean Of The Dead'
The Door From 'The Shining'
Professor Farnsworth From 'Futurama'
The Maitlands From 'Beetlejuice'
Kelly and Michael Shelton
The Most Interesting Man in the World
Phillip Oakley
Sophia Grace and Rosie
Anthony Howard
Jesse Hamlin
Rob Ford
Tiffany Skladan
Human Snow Globes
Matthew Chase
Shark Week
Kathleen Manley
Harry Caray
Will Unruh
Edward Scissorhands
Me Chelle
Pee-Wee Herman
Jennifer Fluharty
The Goonies
Christopher Sotelo
Dancing Girls Emoji
Megan Lindell and Sarah Meals
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker
Cody Kime and Kiichiro Tomoda
Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan
Jenny Pinkston
Roller Coaster
Jenny Peshina
Marge Simpson
Rock 'Em Soc 'Em Robots
Joey Tribbiani
Keith Hartig
The Next Bus
Lauren Otis
Elfis Presley
Philip Candiloro
Upside Down Man
John Avery
Chicken and Waffles
Aimee Rivera
Karl Lagerfeld
Keith Tyndall
Caesar Salad
Mary Jo Shaughnessy
1969 Hillary Clinton
Renee DeLuca
Allen Hayes
Lauren Cavanagh
Lego Man
James Potter
Troll Dolls
Haley Gallino & Katie Britian
Silent Spongebob
Richard Lewis
Kris And Bruce Jenner
Keegan Calligar
Rosalie T. Schraut
Wednesday Addams
Meaghan Sperring
Geico Money Man
Heidi Cordello
Jump To Conclusions Mat From 'Office Space'
Thomas Daseler
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Marisol Lado
Jolly Green Giant
Taylor Crane
AL Borland From 'Home Improvement'
Jared Dewell
The Love Hunter and his 'Dear'
Christina Fullerton
Dutch Oven
Mr. Clean
Kelly Kelley
Sprint Framily
Lee & Delaine Green
Cameron Poe From 'Con AIr'
M. Dennis
Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren
Stephanie Winn
Brawny Man... Eater
Drew Tillman
Zombie Walter White
Ben Mueller
Timmy Turner & The 'Fairly Odd' Parents
Jesi, Katie and Chris
Sharon & Ozzy Osborne
Jenni Kuester
Inspector Gadget
Jesse Hamlin
Cheech and Chong (Up in Smoke)
Edwin Mendoza
Stewie From 'Family Guy'
Nicole Frickle
Scuba Steve and 'Frankenstein' From 'Big Daddy'
Jennifer Smith
Oblina From 'Aah! Real Monsters!'
Amy and Sheldon From 'Big Bang Theory'
Julia Kigler
Marty McFly & Doc Brown
Marla Vandling
Mary Poppins
Bridget Brosnan
Zombie Mona Lisa & Leonardo Da Vinci
Mrs. LaMontagne
Mathilda & Leon From 'The Professional'
Julia Garcia
Siegfried & Roy & Montecore
Gabrielle Doyle
Feivel Goes West
Larnie Hughes
'Baywatch' Pam Anderson
Forrest Gump's Cross-Country Run
Harry and Lloyd From 'Dumb & Dumber'
Hunter S. Thompson
Fantastic Mr. Fox
The 'Wrecking Ball' Video
Cindy Lou Who and the Grinch
Noelle Elliott
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