The Best Health, Fitness And Wellness Instagrams

We are all constantly being ignored for that far more entertaining companion: Instagram.

While the constant stream of social media can provide immense distraction to the point of addiction and can even interfere with our sleep, Instagram is particularly ever-present because it is used nearly exclusively on the iPhone -- which, of course, walks around everywhere with you.

But there's an upside to all that photo sharing. Instagram provides users with the opportunity to see what their friends (and even favorite celebrities) are eating, doing, wearing. It can be surprisingly intimate, but also provides a way to explore a world far beyond any individual account.

We at Healthy Living recently got into the Instagram game with our own account and we were amazed by how much inspiration we are able to take from our friends in fitness, nutrition and overall wellness. We've rounded up some of our favorite accounts that illustrate values we aspire to and admire. Look no further than Gourmettenyc for healthy meals with mouthwatering images or Mary Helen Bowers for elegant ballet poses. Enjoy these snapshots from various healthy lifestyles, hopefully they inspire you as much as they inspire us.

And tell us in the comments: who did we forget?

Our Instagram Picks