Litter Boxes You Won't Want To Hide When House Guests Come Over

Discreet end tables, ottomans and shelves that hide litter boxes and actually look like furniture.
Hide your cat's litter box with this mid-century modern credenza, a faux potted house plant and a multi-shelving unit that fits in any living space.
Hide your cat's litter box with this mid-century modern credenza, a faux potted house plant and a multi-shelving unit that fits in any living space.

From one cat owner to another, traditional litter boxes are ugly. It can be nearly impossible to seamlessly blend these bulky cat crappers into your existing living spaces and just as difficult to find a less visible corner to shove them in.

Let this list of genius hidden litter box designs be your ultimate home decor solution. Find unassuming cabinets, multifunctional shelves, stylish credenzas and even faux potted plants that double as litter boxes to help you get the most out of your space.

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A large capacity credenza with built-in litter-catching mat
This low double-door credenza is made from scratch-resistant MDF board and has an open section for cats to enter and exit. This entry section is lined with a replaceable scratching board for cats, and it also catches litter to reduce mess. An interior semi-partition allows your cat to access the litter box behind the double doors, providing more privacy for your cat and promoting ventilation. To access and clean the litter box, just open the doors' magnetic closure. The credenza has a weight capacity of up to 192 pounds.
A discreet walnut brown finished end table
Measuring a little over 25 inches in height and nearly 20 inches in length, this wooden walnut brown pet house can make a good end table, night stand or discreet side table to hide your cat's litter box or pet bed. There is an off-center entryway and an extra shelf to hold cat supplies, toys or spare litter bags for scooping.
A modern capsule litter box enclosure good for smaller spaces
Available in white, moss green and mint blue, this capsule litter box features a suction closure design and an interior litter-catching section your cat enters and exits in order to minimize mess and odor. To clean the box, you just pull down the front face, which has a compartment for poop bags and a scooper for easy and sanitary storage.
An elegant triple-shelf cabinet that blends into any space
For maximum storage space, this three-tiered shelving cabinet stands just under 38 inches tall and is made with a sturdy metal and wood design. The cabinet door hides an interior shelf great for holding extra litter and other cat supplies, while the lower shelf provides ample room and privacy for your cat's litter box.
A rustic wooden cabinet with a interior divider
For a more rustic look, this coffee table-inspired litter box can blend seamlessly in any living or bedroom space and holds up to 220 pounds. There is a removable interior divider to help minimize odors and create a section for a litter catching mat if desired. The double cabinet doors lock and can be opened fully to easily access the litter box for cleaning. It's available in three different wood finishes.
A functional cabinet that fits well in a bathroom
This unassuming cabinet stands 24 inches tall and can easily fit into most bathroom spaces. The lower cabinet accommodates most sizes of litter boxes and the doors open fully so you can easily access your cat's litter box. An upper shelf can dually function to hold other supplies.
A hidden litter box tufted ottoman for bedroom spaces and beyond
This tufted upholstered ottoman comes three different colors, measures 35 inches long and can be used as an end table, foot rest or coffee table. The lid lifts off for access to the litter box and there is also a removable interior divider to accommodate larger capacity litter boxes if needed. You can also find a shorter version of this ottoman on Amazon, too.
An office-inspired shelving unit with an odor purification layer
This multifunctional litter box cabinet comes in two different wood finishes and features an upward sliding bottom door for litter box access. The upper enclosure also slides open and provides ample space for stashing bags of extra litter, food and other cat supplies. There is an odor purification layer in between the two enclosures to trap and neutralize smells.
A potted plant enclosure with a vented filtration system
For a truly incognito litter box, this faux potted plant can easily fit in any corner of the room while also holding a larger capacity of litter. There is no need to find a compatible interior box, because this durable polypropylene reservoir holds the litter itself and can be accessed by removing the top of the plant pot. There is also an activated charcoal carbon filter at the top of box to help trap and neutralize odors.

This faux clay pot litter box is also available in different colors and plant types, also on Amazon.
A narrow shelving cabinet for entryways, bathrooms and more
This narrow shelving cabinet features a shutter-style door and an interior shelf above the litter box for extra storage space, along with an upper drawer to hold other cat supplies, keys and other items. This shelving unit stands at a little over 39 inches tall and is available in two colors.
A sleek, mid-century modern inspired cabinet
This mid-century modern inspired cabinet is simply designed and features two French-style doors that open for simple clean-up and a one sided entry and exit point for your cat. Measuring nearly 23 inches in height, this shelf would blend well in dining or living spaces and it is available four different color and wood finish combinations.
An all-in-one cat tree and litter box enclosure
If you don't want to make additional space with a cat tree, this all-in-one cat structure can be a good solution for smaller spaces with less room to spare. The lower double cabinet makes accessing the litter box easy and the upper part of the structure features a cat hiding space and a natural sisal rope scratcher that will promote your cat's instinct to scratch without ruining your furniture. It's also available in white.
A multifunctional living room table with display shelving
This multi-compartment shelving unit features a spacious top shelf above two open shelves for decoration or supplies storage. The side entry cubby is covered in a litter-catching mat to minimize mess and the metal frame provides a sturdy structure. Once assembled, the shelving unit stands 29 inches tall and and 35 inches long.
A well-ventilated art deco-inspired cabinet
This sleek cabinet has ample top surface space and would fit well in an entryway, living room or dining room. The French-style doors open to reveal the litter box and the side cubby access section holds a litter catching mat to reduce mess as your cat enters and exits the box. The cabinet is constructed of solid low-emission wood for a more eco-friendly option and it's also available in a white and gray finish.

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