The Best Hike In Hawaii Might Be The Awaawapuhi Trail on Kauai

Is This The Best Hike In All Of Hawaii? (PHOTOS)

"This is the most unreal view I've seen on a hike," according to David Chatsuthiphan, which is saying a lot considering Chatsuthiphan runs the popular blog Unreal Hawaii, which is devoted entirely to unreal views and hikes.

The Awaawapuhi Trail on Kauai is, at the outset, an unassuming hike. After three miles of intermediate hiking, however, perseverance and patience pay off. "The view at the end of this hike," Chatsuthiphan says, "is one of the most breathtaking I've seen in Hawaii."

Kauai is famous for its Na Pali Coast, and most tourists take a boat tour to see the views from the ocean. That's all well and good, according to Chatsuthiphan, but "this trail puts you right on top of one of those spires of the Na Pali." Pretty hard to beat.

Check out Unreal Hawaii for more photos and information about the hike.

You go over a narrow bridge:

Get over your vertigo:

Then you grab a seat:

And enjoy the view:

For a long while:

What do you think? Is this the best hike in Hawaii?

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