Best Hip Workout To Strengthen And Tone Your Obliques

When we asked celebrity trainer Joel Harper what were the top problem areas for post 50 men and women, it was a no brainer. Along with arms, stomach, thighs and butt, hips were body part that clients would like to strengthen and tone.

Harper was kind enough to give us the best hip workout for post 50s, featuring two hip exercises and a stretch to cool down and end the routine.


Stand up straight with your feet together and hands in prayer position in front of your chest, lift your right heel up behind you so your leg is in a right angle.

best hip workouts

Kick your right knee to the side 25 times.

hip workouts

As you lift your knee to the side straighten your leg as you kick, then bring it back to where you started. Switch sides, kicking your left knee to the side 25 times. During this exercise, keep your stomach in and see how high you can kick without losing your balance.


Lying on your left side, bring your left knee in line with your hip to form a right angle. Straighten your right leg over your left knee.


Lift your right leg with your toe pointed down for 25 times.

hip workouts

After lifting for 25 times, leave your straightened leg up to your highest point (without leaning back) and point and flex for 25 times. Switch sides and repeat.


Put your back against a wall. Slide down with your feet positioned four feet in front of you. Lift your right leg all the way up and gently place your right ankle on top of your left knee. Gradually lower your butt to the ground and press your tail bone slightly backwards and your lower back up towards your right calf, gently pushing your right knee away. Hold for five deep inhales and then switch sides.

hip workouts

The closer your bottom foot and your tailbone are to the wall the deeper the stretch is. Gradually go into the stretch and only go to where it feels comfortable. If one side is tighter than the other go back and repeat the tighter side. Your goal is to have them equal.

Revisit Joel Harper's arm, abs, thighs and butt workouts. Stay tuned for the best workouts for your hips and a cardio routine that promises to work up a sweat.



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