The Best At-Home COVID Tests You Can Buy At Walmart

Order these rapid and PCR tests now so you're not caught off guard by the BA.2 variant.

As much as we try to convince ourselves that every COVID wave will be the last, we’re now seeing a rise in cases thanks to the BA.2 variant. Luckily, if you’re vaxxed and boosted, your chances of getting severely ill are extremely low, but testing is still important to help protect vulnerable populations.

When the omicron variant tore through the country in December and January, getting an at-home test was nearly impossible. But that’s not the case at the moment. Now’s the time to stock up on at-home tests while they’re still available at certain stores, including Walmart, which has 11 excellent options, including antigen at-home rapid tests and PCR tests that you can mail away.

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BinaxNow’s Rapid Test
This testing kit, which contains two tests total, requires a shallow nasal swab and will provide results within 15 minutes. And if you want to report your results (always a good idea!), you can do so via an app.
iHealth’s Antigen Rapid Test
This four-step test will give you results in 15 minutes. With two tests total, the absorbent swab tip, made from soft foam, makes collecting a sample very efficient — which also means that you don’t need to go deep into your nasal cavity.
InteliSwab’s Rapid Test
This test requires less than a minute of hands-on time, making it easy to use. It also allows for a shallow nasal swab.
On/Go’s Tech-Enabled Rapid Tests
With bright packaging and a compatible mobile app, it’s fair to say that this COVID test stands out in the crowd. Results are also available in 10 minutes — which is faster than the standard 15 minutes — and the app gives you step-by-step instructions, meaning you don’t have to spend your time squinting at a pamphlet.
Quidel QuickVue’s At-Home COVID Test
QuickVue’s COVID test provides results within 10 minutes, and although each package only contains two tests, each one can be used twice over a two- to three-day period — so you’ll get more bang for your buck.
Ellume’s Rapid Test Kit
This home test uses fluorescent technology — which was previously used by doctors — to detect COVID infections with accuracy, and it connects to a specially-designed mobile app. And if you’re testing little ones, Ellume’s test comes with a child adapter, dropper and processions fluid.
DxTerity’s Home PCR Test
If you have a little bit of time on your hands, want to skip the nasal swab, and are willing to pay a bit more, DxTerity’s home PCR test will deliver accurate results via a saliva sample. Only a small amount of saliva is needed, and it comes with a prepaid shipping label. Results are available within 24 to 72 hours.
myLab’s At-Home Test Kit With Saliva or Nasal Sample
Similar to DxTerity’s test, after collecting a saliva sample in less than five minutes, you can send in your sample via free overnight shipping and receive your results PCR online between within 24 to 48 hours. There’s also a nasal swab version available, which is slightly less expensive.
Simplicity’s COVID-19 Home Collection Kit
Another PCR testing option, this home testing kit uses a nasal swab rather than saliva samples. So while it may be less comfortable, it’s also a bit less expensive. Simplicity’s test comes with a free overnight shipping label, and results are available within 24-48 hours.
DxTerity’s PCR 10-pack
If you love buying in bulk and don’t want to think about purchasing new tests for a while, Dxterity’s PCR 10-pack could be a great option for you.
Quidel QuickVue’s 45-Pack
If you’d rather buy rapid tests in bulk (rather than PCR tests), Quickvue’s 45-pack will ensure that you don’t have to stock up on new tests for a while.
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