Home Goods Items From Target That Look Really Expensive

These are the home goods items from Target that *really* don't look like they're from Target at all.

As you go through your 20s and early 30s, one thing quickly becomes very clear about living on your own: Furniture is expensive. In fact, interior decorating as a whole can be pretty pricey. Between rugs, curtains, art and bigger pieces like couches, tables and bed frames, it can be easy to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a room without even realizing it.

But like most annoying adulting things, Target is one store that makes the process of decorating a room sting a little less. From room accessories to statement furniture, Target is chock-full of home good items that look much more expensive than they actually are. Here are 15 of the best finds.

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A perfect, Scandinavian-cabin-esque ottoman
This ottoman from Studio McGee is simple and versatile, and that’s exactly what makes it so chic. With clean, Scandinavian-inspired lines and a removable cushion, it’s the perfect addition to any home. As one happy customer writes in a review, “I've been searching everywhere for an ottoman to match the wooden futon in my loft. This one is the perfect height, it provides very comfy support for your feet while sitting and it looks clean & beautiful. I like that it's not a cumbersome ottoman, it looks light in the space. It also comes fully assembled which is awesome. I might get another one!”
A trendy lamp with a rattan shade.
Furniture and room accessories with rattan details are majorly trending, and they’re a great way to add texture and warmth to a room. This lamp would be the perfect addition to any side table or desk, and it looks just as expensive as lamps that are twice or three times its cost.
A cozy ottoman or foot stool with sherpa fabric.
Yes, sherpa fabric is just as popular as ever, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. This ottoman gives you a chance to experiment with the trend without paying hundreds of dollars for a piece of furniture you might not like in a few years.
A burled wood side table.
Burled wood is another current furniture trend, but it can be extremely pricey (especially if you’re going the antique furniture look). This option from Studio McGee for Threshold is just as trendy and chic as options that are thousands of dollars, making it a steal. As one reviewer writes, “So beautiful! I bought the other table too, and they’re a great alternative to the designer burl options, at a fraction of the price. Absolutely recommend it!”
A ridiculously chic, easy-to-assemble writing desk.
Noticing cane details everywhere lately? They're a huge trend right now, as evidenced by this gorgeous writing desk. This desk is beautiful, and with multiple positive reviews noting how easy it is to assemble, you know it’s going to be a stress-free experience to put it together, which is always a bonus for a piece of budget-friendly furniture.
A classic accent table in three different wood finishes.
Available in three different wood tones, this simple accent table from Hearth and Hand (Joanna Gaines' line for Target) is a piece of furniture that looks like it could be an antique or brand new from a fancy furniture store. At just $99, it’s a steal.
A simple, modern pedestal table.
Complete your modern, Scandinavian cabin-inspired aesthetic with this wooden pedestal table. Its clean lines make it a simple addition to any room, but it’s unique enough to make a statement, too.
A colorful, scalloped-edged comforter.
Scalloped edged details are trending in design, from lamp shades to other details, so this quilt from Jungalow is a great piece to add to your current bedroom decor if you’re looking to modernize things a bit without spending a ton of money. It also comes in five different colors.
A bohemian console with rattan details.
This piece of furniture looks like an item you’d find for triple or quadruple the price in an expensive store with lots of bohemian-inspired decor and furniture pieces (you probably know the one I’m thinking of). But it’s only $230. This one won’t stay in stock long, I bet.
A statement-making tapestry.
It can be really difficult to find art that makes a large statement and doesn’t cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. This hanging wall tapestry is impactful and only costs $40. As an added bonus, it requires very little effort to hang on the wall.
A bright and bold area rug.
Colorful, statement-making rugs like this one can cost you thousands of dollars if you are trying to cover a large space. This one is just $300 for the 7 x 10 size, making it an incredible deal. There’s a reason the smaller size has already sold out.
A petal-shaped pendant lamp with rattan shades.
Lighting is one of those things that seems like it would be affordable, but it always ends up being a little bit pricier than expected — especially if you’re looking for a lamp that is a little unique. As one customer wrote, “This burlap ceiling pendant is super pretty. The burlap is well made and the pendant itself is the perfect size to hang from the ceiling. The pendant itself attaches to the ceiling while there is a cord that gets plugged in. The light shines nice and bright and definitely brings warmth to a room. This gives me such a vacation type vibe and I think it would also look great on my patio. It’s easy to install and built to last.”

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