The Best Hot Sauces To Use When Sriracha Isn't Available (PHOTOS)

Fight the rooster fatigue with all the amazing hot sauces we forgot about.

I want you to close your eyes. Think back to a time when the words 'hot sauce' meant a lot of different things. Think back to before we were all enchanted by the spell of a rooster, a green cap and a name with too many consonants.

Listen, I love Sriracha in certain applications, but the truth is that we've been over-exposed. (And it's possible that we might even have a sriracha shortage soon!) Sriracha, the spicy, ketchupy, garlicky hot sauce that's taken over the world used to be found mostly in Asian restaurants. Now it's on ice cream, on oatmeal, on our phones, in our water bottles. Sriracha, I love you, but I need a break. I need to remember what it felt like to love other hot sauces -- vinegary ones and peppery ones, thin ones, thick ones. Do you guys feel the same way? Do you need a breather from Sriracha mania? We've compiled a list of what we think are some of the best hot sauces for you to rebound with.

Don't worry, Sriracha will find someone else and be happy. Maybe someday you can even be friends again.

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Adoboloco Hot Sauces
Adoboloco Hot Sauces, $25.99 for a customizable 3-packThese Hawaii-made sauces are relatively new to the game. We love the natural fruitiness (but it's a fiery fruit) in the habanero sauce.
Ass Kickin' Horseradish Sauce
Hot Sauce Mall
Ass Kickin' Horseradish Sauce, $5.99 on Hot Sauce MallWe have no idea why more hot sauces don't harness the power of horseradish.
Busha Browne's Pukka Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce Mall
Busha Browne's Pukka Hot Sauce, $6.00 on Hot Sauce Mall
Cholula Original Mexican Hot Sauce
Cholula Original Mexican Hot Sauce, $15.99 for 3 on Amazon
Crystal Hot Sauce
Crystal Hot Sauce, $10.50 on AmazonAs far as we're concerned, Crystal is the OG of hot sauces. We eat this stuff on everything. Less vinegar than Tabasco, with a little more heat and chile flavor. Know it. Love it.
Dave's Crazy Caribbean
Dave's Gourmet Specialty Foods
Dave's Crazy Caribbean, $5.99 on Dave's Gourmet Specialty Foods
El Yucateco Hot Green Sauce
Frank's Red Hot
Frank's Red Hot, $10.15 for 120z. on AmazonYou may know this as the sauce that makes chicken wings worth eating. Put it on everything else, see if it doesn't improve them.
Jerome's Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce Mall
Jerome's Hot Sauce, $6.95 on Hot Sauce MallOne of our favorite hot, Caribbean sauces. We have accidentally added too much Jerome's on many occasions. Warning: it's hot.
Marie Sharp's Hot Habanero Sauce
Melinda's Original Habanero Pepper Sauce
Hot Sauce Zone
Melinda's Original Habanero Pepper Sauce, from $1.71 on Hot Sauce Zone
Pickapeppa Hot Pepper Sauce
Hot Sauce Mall
Pickapeppa Hot Pepper Sauce, $5.50 on Hot Sauce Mall
Sambal Oelek Chili Paste
Sambal Oelek Chili Paste, $10.84 for 6 on AmazonSriracha's sibling, this thick chili paste has loads more character and more fire. Plus you still get the green top and rooster motif you love so damned much.
Slap Ya Mama Cajun Pepper Sauce
Hot Sauce Mall
Slap Ya Mama Cajun Pepper Sauce, $6.50 on Hot Sauce MallDon't say we didn't warn you.
Sunchang Gochujang
Sunchang Gochujang, $13.59 on AmazonThis chili paste made with glutinous rice is a Korean staple. Do not eat bibimbap without it.
Tabasco, $7.25 on AmazonSometimes you just need this old, vinegary friend. We won't drink a Bloody Mary without it.
Tapatio Salsa Picante
Hot Sauce Mall
Tapatío Salsa Picante, $2.99 on Hot Sauce Mall
Texas Pete
Texas Pete, $17.06 for a 6-pack on Amazon
Trappey's Red Devil
Trappey's Red Devil, $9.96 for 2 on AmazonThis stuff is mean. We love it.
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