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If you weren't planning a summer road trip already, now's your chance.

TripAdvisor dished out its annual ranking of the best ice cream shops in the United States on Tuesday, which would make for quite the summer excursion. The results were based on the quality and quantity of at least 100 reviews for each location.

Needless to say, we're impressed: From Rhode Island to California, the greatest parlors in the country scoop out flavors that range from jalapeño avocado, to a chocolate-cinnamon-chili pepper and blessed rum raisin.

See the full list below.

America, you're beautiful.

10. Brown Dog Ice Cream, Cape Charles, Virginia
Courtesy TripAdvisor

Owner Miriam Elton says she opened Brown Dog in the small town of Cape Charles, near Chesapeake Bay, to bring business to the area while making the best small-batch ice cream possible. She creates her own recipes, which includes Mocha Scotch Chip, Blueberry Lavender and Poncho Verde (avocado ice cream with strawberries, lime and jalapeños).

"The best review I can offer is that I'm not an ice cream lover and I went twice while in Cape Charles," TripAdvisor "Devon C." wrote.

9. Woodside Farm Creamery, Hockessin, Delaware
Courtesy TripAdvisor

This dairy farm has been in the Mitchell family since 1796, and their tried-and-true ice cream is mostly made on site. You'll find flavors such as Bacon, Dirt (gummy worms and Oreos), Chocolate Thunder and Motor Oil (coffee ice cream with a green-caramel and fudge swirl).

"We always bring out of town guests over to the farm for a treat," reviewer Eric B. wrote.

8. Brickley's Ice Cream, Narragansett, Rhode Island
Courtesy TripAdvisor

You'll find 45 different flavors whenever you go into Brickley's, such as Apple Pie, Rum Raisin, and Coffee Heath Bar.

"Really excellent ice cream can be found here, and the long lines and locals who are in them will attest to it," says reviewer Stan S.

7. Martha's Dandy Crème, Queensbury, New York
Courtesy TripAdvisor

Martha's features 12 flavors of its made-fresh-daily soft serve ice cream, ranging from Pistachio to Marble Cake and Dole Pineapple. Stay updated via the shop's flavor calendar.

"If you ever had soft serve and it tasted like it wasn't creamy and was filled with air, you know at I mean. Martha's ice cream isn't like that. It's good," reviewer wanttofish writes. Better yet, "The prices are out of this world cheap."

6. Island Creamery, Chincoteague Island, Virginia
Courtesy TripAdvisor

Out of a whopping 1,433 reviews, Island Creamery has the most -- and all the ingredients are locally sourced in Lancaster County. Flavors include a chocolate ice cream with cinnamon and chili pepper called Wallops Rocket Fuel, and Java Jolt, complete with brownies and chocolate-covered espresso beans.

"We went to Island Creamery and it was amazing," reviewer Sarah C. says. "Great service and the ice cream was, no exaggeration required, the best ice cream I've ever tasted, and I've had a lot of ice cream."

5. Scottish Highland Creamery, Oxford, Maryland
Courtesy TripAdvisor

Owner Victor Barlow has basically traveled the world in ice creams -- after working for an Italian ice cream maker in Scotland, he opened his creamery on the coast of Maryland, serving more than 600 flavors, such as Double Belgian Chocolate, Mascarpone and Fresh Crushed Strawberry.

"Their fresh peach tasted as though the peaches were just picked, and the coffee ice cream was also a delight. If I lived nearby, I would surely gain ten pounds per week," reviewer Scott P. says.

4. McConnell's Fine Ice Creams, Santa Barbara, California
Courtesy TripAdvisor

Since 1949 McConnell's has served artisanal ice cream and today you'll find flavors such as Churros con Leche, Sea Salt Cream and Cookies and Golden State Vanilla.

"My husband is an ice cream addict -- he has sampled it in at least 99 countries. We both agree that McConnell's strawberry ice cream is the best on the planet," user lovesrestaurants2014 says.

3. Dietsch Brothers Inc., Findlay, Ohio
Courtesy TripAdvisor

Dietsch has been a local favorite for more than 75 years, scooping out flavors such as their signature Buckeye (peanut butter ice cream with chocolate sauce and Buckeye candy), Moose Tracks and Orange Pineapple.

"Some of the best ice cream I've ever had," user davidmZ5512ZJ writes. "I live in another state and they will pack it in dry ice for a trip. Everyone at home wants me to bring it home when I come in."

2. Bellvale Farms Creamery, Warwick, New York
Courtesy TripAdvisor

This Hudson Valley farm dates back to 1819. Flavors include Bellvale Bog (dark chocolate ice cream with brownie dough and fudge swirl), Mint Chip and Rum Raisin.

Anastasia C. says it's worth a trip: "Best ice cream I've ever had. If you're driving through, definitely stop. All of the ice cream is made from fresh milk from the farm it overlooks (beautiful view)."

1. Harborwalk Scoops & Bites Ice Cream, Punta Gorda, Florida
Courtesy TripAdvisor

Harborwalk earns the top spot this year, thanks to their sunset views on Charlotte Harbor and flavors such as Toasted Coconut and Chocolatey Chocolate Chip.

"The ice cream is amazing, the view even better! Great location in downtown Pinta Gorda," writes sarakayd86. "The owners do great things for the community and are so welcoming."

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