Best Idea Ever? Flat Shoe Vending Machines

Best Idea Ever? Flat Shoe Vending Machines

A great night out grooving on the dance floor can result in sore soles and a throbbing tumble out the door. Two British companies are capitalizing on clubgoers' end-of-night anguish by installing shoe vending machines full of cheap flats.

Rollasoles sell for about GBP 5 and come in four colors: Hi Ho Silver, Gold Digger, and Back to Black and Pink.

They sold out immediately in England's popular nightclubs. But Rollasoles don't have a corner on the midnight market:

Afterheels are similar rollable ballet flats that also sell for about GBP 5 but have--according to the company--the added feature of being sustainable; the bodies of the shoes are made from natural materials and the polypropylene insoles are fully recyclable.

Each pair is dispensed with a matching bag so women can tote their tortuous footwear home. Or, save your spending money and leave the house in a pair of flats, like Michelle Obama or Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

Would you buy these flats?

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