This Is The Best Indestructible Dog Toy Made For Aggressive Chewers

My dog defeated everything I put in front of her -- except this magical green ring.
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Anyone who knows me will tell you I am completely and utterly obsessed with my beautiful, four-legged daughter Nella Jane, a 60-pound American Staffordshire Terrier with a heart of gold and a jaw of steel.

That steel jaw makes it tough to find chew toys. Some dogs have expansive toy collections, but Nella has never met a toy she couldn’t decimate. Toys that claim to be for heavy chewers don’t stand a chance — just give her a couple of hours and even an Extreme Kong will become a pile of slimy rubber chunks.

Needless to say, keeping my pup entertained has been an expensive proposition. I scoured the internet for lists of durable toys, browsed Amazon’s gifts for dog lovers, and spent hours hemming and hawing at the pet store. Nella defeated everything I put in front of her. Everything, that is, except this magical green ring.


I was skeptical when I found this GoughNut dog toy online last year. How many times had I ordered a toy for my girl, only to watch her gleefully shred it like a block of cheese? Still, I bought it because it claimed to be a “virtually indestructible” toy for aggressive chewers like Nella. It turned out to be the best impulse decision I’ve ever made.

One year later, Nella still hasn’t made a fatal dent in her GoughNut, despite countless other toys coming and going. It’s certainly not for lack of trying. She carries it around everywhere, sleeps with it, and implores me to pick it up and play catch when I’m trying to work.

Caroline Thompson / HuffPost

How it’s held up this long likely has to do with its design. It’s made of thick rubber, and it has no weak spots because its circular shape means dogs pick it up in a different spot every time. I opted for the classic green ring, but GoughNuts have two stronger versions: the GoughNut Black and the GoughNut Black 50, which I can only assume must be made for genetically engineered superdogs.

I’ll know it’s time to toss the Goughnut when I see a little red coloring peeking out of the green rubber. If and when that day comes, I won’t even have to buy a new one ― GoughNut offers a safety guarantee and will replace the toy for just the cost of shipping. If you have a heavy chewer like Nella Jane, I recommend gifting him or her a durable dog toy that’s truly worth it.

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