Best Indie Fiction of 2017

Originally published on Kirkus. For more from Kirkus, click here.

The Dragonfly by Kate Dunn

"This emotional high-wire act should have readers racing to the end." A novel plunges a newly acquainted grandfather and granddaughter into adventures on the French canals. Read full book review.

Blood Fiction by Diane Elliott

"An emotionally intuitive and impeccably written tale focusing on a female adventurer." A niece sets out on a quest to better understand an enigmatic aunt in this novel. Read full book review.

A Beautiful Boy by Susan Beth Miller

"A striking, searing work that will linger long in readers' memories." Miller's (Indigo Rose, 2005) novel tells a tale of survival and growth in a war-torn land. Read full book review.

The Secret Watcher of Summit Avenue by Mark Morlock

"Warmly nostalgic without giving in to saccharine oversentimentality, this intricate tale chronicles an absorbing and affecting family journey across generations." A debut novel explores the complex story of an old house and those connected to it. Read full book review.

A Weekend With Frances by Lois Jean Thomas

"A cleareyed but warm family saga of buried recriminations and the struggle for reconciliation." A mother and her daughters reunite to dredge up old traumas in this tension-wracked drama. Read full book review.

A Theory Of Nothing by Thomas Barlow

"A cheekily ironic takedown of academic adventures in absurdity." Barlow's (Between the Eagle or the Dragon, 2013, etc.) debut novel provides a farcical look at the pursuit of junk science in the hallowed halls of the academy. Read full book review.

My Interview With Beethoven by L.A. Hider Jones

"The protagonist lovingly describes Beethoven as "an honest soul, lined with deep fissures and clumsy mendings"—which is just how he comes across in this deeply researched, accomplished work of historical fiction." This debut novel about a young man's quest for his father gives glimpses of Beethoven in his prime as well as in his final months. Read full book review.

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