Surprise! 2015's Best Inspirational Quotes Came From Tumblr

The wisdom of the Internet 🙏

Turns out, 2015 has been a year of great advice

Thanks to Tumblr, there's a way to catalog some of these amazing quotes, courtesy of everyone from billionaire superstars to teen bloggers. 

The blogging platform listed the year's top "wisdom posts," defined by total number of likes and reblogs. From Louis C.K.'s reminder that emotions are valid to Oprah's inspiring road to success, we learned that failures and setbacks aren't the end of the world. 

It's not surprising that Tumblr is the place to find these posts. The platform hosts large groups dedicated to mental well-being, encouragement and self-care. 

If you're looking for uplifting advice take a look at these 18 pearls of wisdom below:

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