Best Internet Comedy Videos Of 2011 (VIDEO)

WATCH: 11 Best Internet Videos Of 2011

Mark your comedy calendars: 2011 may be the last year that there's a difference between "TV sketches" and "Internet sketches."

More and more, the line is blurred between comedy videos broadcast through traditional media and comedy that's exclusively distributed online. When shows like "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" considers viral potential in their sketches, and websites like Funny Or Die produce their content similarly to a traditional sketch comedy program, it's inevitable that we'll see even more crossing over in the near future.

But the nice part for the audience is that the platform-crossing makes the comedy funnier. Here are HuffPost Comedy's favorite Internet sketches from 2011 from some of our favorite outlets, like Funny Or Die and Onion News Network. Vote for your favorites of these, and tell us your own favorites in the comments!

Best Internet Videos of 2011

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