10 Interval Training Mobile Apps To Download Right Now

By Laura Schwecherl

It's time to amp up the intensity. Circuit, HIIT and Tabata training produce killer results in little time. Circuit training involves moving from one workout directly to the next, HIIT is short bursts of intense exercise followed by quick rest and Tabata (a form of HIIT) is strictly 20 seconds of intense work followed by 10 seconds of recovery for eight cycles. These workouts help burn fat, increase endurance and improve overall fitness. The only tricky bit is making sure to keep on top of those timed intervals while also getting on a high-intensity sweat. Forgo fumbling with a watch while staying accountable (yep, rest for only 30-seconds!) and try one -- or all -- of these cool mobile apps.

Interval Training Apps

Do you use any apps for interval training? Did we miss any? Share your picks and experiences in the comments below!

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