The Best Gifts For Introverts Who Love Peace And Quiet

Give the ultimate gift of alone time with these items, which range from book memberships to contact-free meal services.
Your introverted loved one will adore these thoughtful gifts, including noise-cancellation headphones, a monthly book subscription and a doormat that says it all.
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Your introverted loved one will adore these thoughtful gifts, including noise-cancellation headphones, a monthly book subscription and a doormat that says it all.

To know an introvert is to love them ― even if that means cajoling them out of their house to see them.

A knack for observation and a fondness for selectivity might make introverts seem like a difficult demographic to shop for. But this isn’t necessarily the case, said Elaine Rodino, a psychologist and fellow of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association. When shopping for an introvert or someone with more introverted tendencies, it’s best to get personal.

“The kinds of things that an ‘introvert’ may like can be spread across a long continuum,” Rodino said. “Some introverts may have social anxiety and feel most comfortable in small groups, small gatherings, etc. They prefer more one-on-one [time] and would get lost in a group of very chatty people. I always think you really need to think about the person you are gifting, not yourself.”

Pauline Wallin, a licensed psychologist in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, told HuffPost that “introversion is not the same thing as being shy or quiet. Introverts are just more private ... and are selective about what they say and whom they say it to.”

We asked Canceled Plans, HuffPost’s Facebook community of self-proclaimed introverts, what their ideal gifts would be or to share the best ones they have received in the past.

Take a look at the list of comforting and useful items below. And whatever you buy, just make sure you also consider how you’re giving your gift. As Kim Powers Smith pointed out in Canceled Plans, “You can literally gift me anything, as long as I don’t have to unwrap it in front of an audience.”

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A monthly subscription that brings books right to their door
Each month, your loved one can pick a book from Book of the Month's curated selection and read to their heart's content. Book of the Month features everything from early release books, debut authors and even classics that date back to 1926.

Get it from Book of the Month for $15.99/month.
The gift of learning — without having to step foot in a classroom
Learn drumming technique with Ringo Starr, how to poach a wild halibut to perfection with award-winning chef Thomas Keller, or how to act out a scene with Natalie Portman. A MasterClass membership turns a person's living room into a classroom.

Get it from MasterClass for $15/month (billed annually).
A pair of Bose noise-canceling headphones to drown out the sounds of other people
Nothing says "don't talk to me" like a pair of noise-canceling headphones. This set from Bose was the most requested from our Facebook community. Bose Quiet Comfort Wireless headphones have Alexa-enabled commands so you can listen to your music, podcasts and audio books using a noise-rejecting dual microphone system for a better listening experience in any environment.

Get them from Amazon for $279.
A video doorbell so they can see who's at the door before answering it
We've all been there: There's a knock at the door, bringing on panic. You weren't expecting anyone!

These smart doorbells from Ring can take the guesswork out of unexpected visitors — plus add an extra layer of security to a person's home. Users can get notifications, real-time camera footage and advanced motion detection on their phone.

Get it from Best Buy starting at $59.99.
A pair of glasses to help filter out the blue light from all that screen time
Using an effective blue light-filtering coating, Warby Parker's polycarbonate glasses can help reduce eye strain on those screen-heavy days when all your introvert wants to do is veg out and scroll Instagram. Choose from the company's extensive library of super cool frames, which you can get with or without a prescription. Download the app here so you can even try on glasses without having to leave the couch.

Get a pair from Warby Parker for $50.
The latest generation of Kindle so they can read literally anywhere
Another highly requested item in our Canceled Plans Facebook group was a Kindle. The newest Paperwhite Kindle features a larger display and 8 GB of storage. You can access hundreds of books from the Kindle library and adjust the light on the glare-free waterproof display for reading in the day or night.

Get it from Amazon for $139.99.
A meal subscription kit to avoid those grocery store crowds
Grocery stores can be slightly anxiety-inducing, and the last thing anyone wants to do after a long day is squeeze a cart past an aisle full of people. HelloFresh is a meal service that delivers the ingredients needed to make meals that have been curated by actual chefs. There are easy-to-follow recipe cards, vegan and vegetarian options, and flexible meal plans.

Get it from HelloFresh for starting at $4.49/meal.
A grown-up version of Play-Doh to squish and squash
You're never too old to sculpt a cat out of dough, OK? And there might even be evidence that dough or slime play can provide some mental health benefits. This upscaled version of that delightfully squishy substance we had as kids even contains aromatherapy essential oils for an added layer of stress relief.

Get it from Uncommon Goods for $15.
A 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle and puzzle table for hours of quiet fun
"A really good jigsaw puzzle. Can be an alone activity or a quiet, chill, at-home semi-social activity," Rebecca Calkin, an introvert from Cleveland, wrote in the Canceled Plans Facebook group. This vintage-inspired one from Etsy features artwork by Adolphe Milot and has a glare-free matte surface to help you see the pieces better.

Victoria Garrott-Collins from Santa Ana, California, noted that a puzzle table is also a useful gift. "The best gift I got that I didn’t even know I needed was a puzzle table. I use it almost every day," Garrott-Collins wrote in Canceled Plans. This classic puzzle plateau made by Bits and Pieces contains for shallow pull-out drawers to help sort and store pieces.

Get the butterfly puzzle from LaternPressArtwork at Etsy for $29.99.
Get the Bits and Pieces puzzle table from Amazon for $68.98.
A monthly wine subscription so they can sample new drinks from the couch
Yes, customized boxes of wine exist. They can be delivered to your loved one's home — and they're actually more affordable than buying bottles the store. First Leaf has you complete a quiz to help determine wine preferences and then curates a box of six bottles, which the consumer can rate to help the company determine what should go in future orders.

Pour the specially chosen wine in these Estelle hand-blown colored wine glasses, and you've got yourself an introvert's dream night in.

Get the wine subscription from First Leaf for $29.95 (your first six wines).
Get Estelle colored wine glass set from Food52 for $175.
A streaming subscription for comfort-binging
With Hulu, users can browse through around 1,650 shows and 2,500 movies from a TV or computer to find something new. (Or they can just watch that same season of "Real Housewives" for the 10th time. Who are we to judge?)

Get it from Hulu starting at $6.99/month.
A secluded trip to a cabin in the woods
Amy Titus, a member of the Canceled Plans group from Oregon, said an ideal gift for introverts would be "a gift certificate for a getaway — a weekend at a cabin, or near the beach. Alone." Airbnb offers hundreds of unique stay options from cabins, beach houses, yurts and solo vacation homes — perfect for the traveling party of one.

Get it from Airbnb (prices vary).
A down pillow that feels like sleeping on a cloud
There's nothing like a brand-spankin'-new pillow to rest your head on when all your friends have decided to go to brunch and you've declined the invitation.

Hundreds of down clusters and feathers stuffed inside this cotton sateen shell make this Brooklinen pillow super soft but also supportive. Buyers can choose their preferred level of firmness, as well as customize the pillow size.

Get it from Brooklinen for $99.
The ultimate tea set up for cozy mornings spent at home
Great Jones, Sips by, Etsy
For those who love cozying up with a book accompanied by a nice cup of tea, Sips By might make the perfect gift. Each month, the company sends 16 teas in four different personalized selections based on the receiver's tea preferences. Choose from caffeinated, green teas, loose leafs and more. (Plus you can cancel anytime.)

Boil water in a stainless-steel electric kettle with a built-in temperature control system from Great Jones, then pour into this expertly printed ceramic mug from Etsy. It's a pretty sweet tea setup.

Get the Great Fellow kettle from Great Jones for $160.
Get the tea subscription from Sips By for $16/month.
Get the Peopley mug from MantaMakesLtd at Etsy for $11.21.
A gift card to an introvert's favorite place (probably)
Siobhan K. Williamson wrote in Canceled Plans: "Books. Just all the books." Barnes & Noble carries an impressive list of book, magazine and newspaper titles for all the voracious readers in your life.

Get one from Barnes & Noble.
Apple's third generation of AirPods to ignore everyone
Apple's latest generation of AirPods is here, and they have a better contoured design, longer battery life and an adaptive feature that automatically tunes music and sound to your ear. In other words, they're the newest way for an introvert to tune out the world while in public.

Get them from Apple for $179.
An ultra-soft sweat set perfect for lounging
This gender-neutral cozy sweatsuit made of soft-washed fleece from Old Navy is the perfect lounging attire for a day spent at home. We might as well call it the introvert's uniform.

Get the sweatpants from Old Navy for $30.
Get the sweatshirt from Old Navy for $39.99.
A coloring book and pencils
Introverts can zone out and color intricate flower images, rolling landscapes and kaleidoscopic designs in this bestselling coloring book. Plus, this deluxe set of 50 high-quality colored pencils provides a wide spectrum of hues for all of the mediative works of art.

Get The Mindfulness coloring book from Amazon $9.79.
Get Studio Series deluxe colored pencil set from Amazon for $24.99.
A bath caddy and bath set for a relaxing soak after a long day of socializing
"My husband got me a lovely wooden bath tray and I use it all the time. Space for candle, glass of wine/cup of tea, book/tablet while I soak in peace," said Helen McCabe, a United Kingdom-based introvert in the Canceled Plans community.

Pair it with the Soak and Soften bath set from Herbivore, which can target dryness, dullness and roughness. It includes a rose oil body polish, pink Himalayan bath salts and a nourishing coconut oil bath soak.

Get the extendable bamboo bath caddy from Amazon for $28.99.
Get the Soak and Soften bath set from Herbivore Botanicals for $42
A cooling weighted blanket for cozy nights spent at home
Sometimes introverts want the feeling of being wrapped in a warm, cozy hug — without actually being wrapped in a warm, cozy hug. This cooling weighted blanket by Luxome is made with a 300-thread-count, 100% organic bamboo cover that's removable and washable. It's the perfect weight to provide enough gentle pressure without causing users to sweat.

Get it from Amazon for $169.99 (queen size).
A bendable drink cup for solo beverages
"I bought to myself a cup with a blender. The noise is low, easy to clean, it won't disturb the whole house just to make a milkshake. If no one hears, no one knows, you don't need to share your drink," Ayla Jenyfer Maia wrote in the Canceled Plans Facebook group. She might be onto something here.

This USB-chargeable and portable blending cup by Devan has built-in safety features to prevent the cup from overheating, as well as a six-point steel blades that blend at 22,000 revs per minute so even stubborn ingredients like frozen fruits get blended evenly.

Get it from Amazon for $21.99.
A knitting set to start a new solo indoor hobby
Quiet hobbies might just be an introvert’s favorite thing. This knitting set has all the tools they need, whether they're a beginner or have knitted their way around a scarf or two before. They can also place all the supplies in this sassy tote bag.

Get the tote bag from RedBubble for $23.06.
Get the knitting starter set from Amazon for $59.97.
A welcome-ish mat
An introvert can tell guests how they really feel with a funny doormat. The Kempf Go Away mat is made of durable coconut fibers, and the Leave mat uses nonslip plastic and a high-permeably design to keep mold from growing.

Get the Leave welcome mat from StoreEnvy for $29.95.

Get the Go Away welcome mat from Amazon for $19.95.
A unique guided journal for self-reflection and a snazzy pack of pens
"I’m a sucker for a beautiful journal and pen. Writing is so much easier for me to express myself," said Canceled Plans member Charlene Engle Good.

The Five Minute Journal uses unique prompts, lists and planning sections to hopefully increase gratitude and happiness. Combine it with this colorful set of retractable pens by Poppin to give the gift of self-reflection.

Get The Five Minute Journal from Amazon for $29.99.
Get the Poppin retractable pen set from The Container Store for $16.99.
A rechargeable book light to read in bed
Introverts can read the last chapter of that thriller novel from underneath their blanket with this rechargeable LED book light that offers a lighting area three times larger than your traditional LED light. Adjust color temperatures of the light and get 70 hours of use per charge.

Get it from Amazon for $15.99.

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