The Best iPad 2 Alternatives: 7 Competing Tablets To Check Out

The Top 7 iPad Alternatives

Though the iPad 2 helped maintain Apple's iron grip on the tablet market, more and more iPad competitors have been making their debuts, each promising their own perks, from speed to "openness" to better prices to Flash compatibility.

Not all iPad rivals stand an equal chance: some once promising up-and-comers have fallen from grace, others never even left the gate. And while Apple claims it has already sold a total of 25 million iPads, there are a healthy handful of non-Apple tablets that may hold their own in an increasingly crowded landscape.

Don't want an iPad but don't know where to turn? We've collected some of the top picks from among the leading iPad rivals, including Android and webOS devices, as well as the cream of the eReader crop. Take a look through our slideshow (below) to see what critics have said about these gadgets, then vote for the ones you think stand the best chance against the iPad--or at least offer today's most viable alternative.

Did we leave any killer tablets off our list? Let us know in the comments below.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

iPad Competitors

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