15 Best iPad Apps Every User Should Try (PHOTOS)

When the iPad was unveiled exactly six months ago (Jan. 27, 2010), there was a healthy amount of skepticism with how it fits into people's lives.

It was really something to me because practically nobody had seen the device at its full potential, loaded with worthwhile apps. I said hold on, guys... let's give this some time. The best iPad apps are yet to come.

Six months later, I believe that time has come. Finally there are apps defining the device, utilizing it perfectly to provide value and allowing us to really open up our imaginations to its future potential.

Of course, there are apps for practically everybody. Simply search for topics that most interest you or browse the apps by category, and you're sure to find apps that appeal to you. New apps are added every day.

But what are the best apps -- the apps that best utilize the iPad's functionality, provide the best user experience, and are practically a must-have?

Here are my top 15 picks. Vote on your favorites and let's see which of these the HuffPost community votes No. 1. And let me know those I missed in the comments!