The 10 Best iPhone Camera Apps Besides Instagram: Hipstamatic, Camera+ And More

10 Amazing iPhone Photography Apps That Are NOT Instagram

Sure, Instagram is a great camera app. It's fun, addictive, and something like 15 billion of you have downloaded it to be your primary shooter on the iPhone. But now that you've taken pictures of a Chipotle burrito with every possible filter, you might be ready to move on to bigger and better iPhone photography apps.

Below, we've captured ten of our favorites. Some of them are filter-focused Instagram replacements; others are so chock full of shooting features that they'll make you wish you could delete the Camera app that comes with your iPhone; still others are single feature utilities that enhance what you can do as an iPhone photographer.

Here are our picks, and if we've missed your favorite, let us know in the comments. (If you like what you see here, you might want to check out our slideshow of the best Retina-ready apps for the new iPad.)


9 Great Photography Apps For iPhone (That Aren't Instagram)

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