These Good-Looking iPhone Cases Will Actually Protect Your Phone

Cool and colorful, these cases will keep your phone safe from scratches and scuffs.
The OtterBox commuter series and a shock-absorbing tortoise shell case.

It’s hard to find a phone case that both looks cool and does its job. Sure, you can find a cute case, but it’s likely pretty flimsy. And if you’re looking for super durable cases, it probably looks like something from an army movie. Yet, the world is big and the internet is vast. There are good-looking phone cases that will actually protect your phone. And sure enough, we found them for you.

Whether you just upgraded to the newest model, just bought your teenager their first phone or your old phone case is on its last legs, we’ve rounded up the highest-rated, best-looking phone cases that actually work to keep your phone safe. We found cases for older iPhones and newer iPhones alike, in a variety of colors and styles. Yet, all of them have reviews that mention their durability and ability to protect your phone.

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OtterBox commuter series for iPhones 12, 13 and 14
You can't talk about protective phone cases without taking about Otterbox. Their new commuter model gives all the protection and safety of a classic Otterbox, while sleeker and less bulky than some older models. It's compatible with wireless chargers and comes in four colors.

Promising review: "Great protection, easy to hold, and still maintains a low profile. Love the charging port cover-keeps dirt out at work" — Vincent L.
A solid color bumper case with tempered glass panels for iPhone 12, 13 and 14
With 360-degree protection, this two-piece tempered glass iPhone case is compatible with wireless charging, comes in seven colors and protects your phone in a fall up to six feet.

Promising review: "The picture is of the original case I had on my phone for TWO years! I’ve never had a case (or phone) last that long because I’m super clumsy and my phone gets chunked to the ground multiple times a day. This case has done such a wonderful job of protecting my phone while still looking good itself. I went ahead and bought another one because the original was getting grimy .. I’m sure I could have cleaned it but knowing myself I would break my phone in the time it took to do that. I got a green one this time and installation was super easy. When I took the old case off my phone still looked brand new. I’m definitely impressed with this product!" — KAM043
A clear patterned case for iPhones 7 and 8
When you have an older model iPhone, it can be hard to find a case that fits, let alone a protective case that's still good-looking. This clear protective case features 14 different plant and flower patterns and comes with a protective glass screen cover.

Promising review: "The case is very attractive and also feels quite sturdy and protective. I am very pleased, especially for the price. Definitely recommend." — Winnie826
PrettyLilStuffCA on Etsy
A solid color silicone protective case
Give your phone a bit of color while keeping it clean and protected with this plastic and silicone dirt-resistant anti-shock case. It comes in six colors in most iPhone sizes, from older models to recent ones.

Promising review: "Really love this phone case! Super protective and comfortable to hold, but also really cute. I had been looking for a case that had a good lip around the front to protect the screen, and this one is great. Would 100% recommend!! <3" — Sophie Livingston-Pearce
A shock-absorbing tortoise shell case for most iPhones
A phone case for people who hate the look of phone cases, this shock-absorbing tortoise shell cover will give your phone an elevated look will still keeping it safe. It comes in sizes for most iPhone models and has a raised frame to protect your screen if you drop your phone screen-down.

Promising review: "I absolutely loved this case. I get lots of compliments on my case. It’s classy, protects my phone and elevates my aesthetic." — Brit
A two-layer silicone and hard shell case for most iPhones
Silicone on the inside, hard shell on the outside, this two-layer case comes in six eye-catching patterns. It has a raised frame to protect your screen during falls and comes in sizes for most iPhone models.

Promising review: "I literally ran my phone over with my sons truck, on accident, and the phone is totally fine! I am seriously amazed! The case did get scratched up so I am re-ordering another!" — cesar lopez
A solid color shock-proof case for iPhones 11, 12, 13 and 14
If you like the look of minimalist phone cases but need something with a little more protection, this solid color shock-proof container is the case for you. It's seamless and lightweight and allows you to wirelessly charge your phone with the case on.

Promising review: "Have dropped my phone multiple times and has protected it. Works great and highly recommend." — Stacy Feldhake
CaseSpaceDesign on Etsy
An "airbag"-style iPhone case with stitching
Get your phone in on the puffer jacket trend with this "airbag"-style protective phone case. It comes in white and green in sizes for most iPhones and is made from high-grade silicon that covers each side of the phone.

Promising review: "I’m a repeat customer, I love the cases. Good quality and I appreciate that the cases have a little ledge that protects my screen. I was worried that the phone case would be bulky but it’s not, it looks great." — Sara Quezada

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