The Best Jewish Delis In America, Ranked By Foursquare

Fuhgettabout the competition.

There's nothing like elbowing your way to the counter of a Jewish delicatessen, eager for a pastrami sandwich piled high or a soul-warming bowl of matzo ball soup.

The good news is that amazing Jewish delis aren't limited to corners of the U.S. They're spread over every state, region and coast like a thick layer of Thousand Island on a Reuben, and the pros at Foursquare have analyzed thousands of reviews to rank the best of the best. They are:

Manny's Cafeteria & Delicatessen
Foursquare/Phil B.
Corned beef is literally overflowing at one of Chicago's top sandwich spots.
Kenny & Zuke's Delicatessen
Foursquare/Courtney F.
Breakfast looks beautiful at this hip bodega in Downtown Portland, Oregon.
Kenny & Ziggy's Deli
Foursquare/Allen A.
Everything's bigger in Texas ... especially the multi-decker sandwiches at this Houston standby. (And no, you're not seeing double -- this place's name is oddly similar to Kenny & Zuke's at No. 9.)
Brent's Deli
Foursquare/Brent's Deli
Have you EVER seen a sandwich piled so high? Head out to L.A.'s Northridge neighborhood, and you won't believe your eyes.
The General Muir
Thick cuts of meat are the name of the game down at this Atlanta eatery.
Zaftigs Delicatessen
Foursquare/Renee R.
The French toast is no joke at this spot near Harvard University.
Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen
Foursquare/Jared Z.
Make your way to San Francisco for what one visitor calls "the best Reuben I've ever had."
Ben's Best Kosher Delicatessen
Foursquare/Bill S.
This establishment in Rego Park, New York offers "Jewish Penicillin," also known as matzo ball soup.
Canter's Deli
Lawrence K. Ho via Getty Images
Katz's Delicatessen
Andrew Burton via Getty Images
You'll "have what she's having" at this NYC deli, which starred in the film "When Harry Met Sally."

Don't see your state on the list? Head over to Foursquare to see the rest of the top 26 Jewish delis in America.

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