Here Are The Best Cities To Find A Job In 2015

The Best Cities For Jobs In 2015

The U.S. job market just had its best year for hiring in 15 years, and according to a recent report from jobs website ZipRecruiter, certain cities in the West, Midwest and Southwest are primed to be big hirers in the coming year.

ZipRecruiter identified 10 cities with the strongest job markets after examining Bureau of Labor Statistics data on the 100 biggest metro areas (by job market size) that have an unemployment rate below the national average of 5.6 percent. Combining those findings with internal data, the site was then able to rank the cities based on applications per job and applicants per employer.

Job markets in major midwestern cities like Minneapolis and Fargo, for example, have blossomed in recent years, thanks to a boom in natural gas production, ZipRecruiter found. And though hiring in the oil industry may be tapering off, other sectors of these local economies are flourishing.

As for the kinds of jobs available, ZipRecruiter found that listings for positions in health care, construction and manufacturing are particularly bountiful in cities with the strongest hiring markets.

Here’s the ranking of the best cities for hiring in 2015, according to ZipRecruiter:

10. Minneapolis, Minnesota
ZipRecruiter score: 0.76
Unemployment rate: 3.00

Which industries are hiring: Professional services, health care, tech and food manufacturing are all local industries expected to hire in 2015.
9. Boulder, Colorado
Scott Leigh via Getty Images
ZipRecruiter score: 0.75
Unemployment rate: 3.20

Which industries are hiring: Small and medium-sized businesses in the sectors of education, government, tech and manufacturing will be the key drivers of employment in Boulder.
8. Fort Collins, Colorado
Marek Uliasz via Getty Images
ZipRecruiter score: 0.69
Unemployment rate: 3.20

Which industries are hiring: Job seekers in the fields of education, tech and manufacturing will have the best luck finding a job in Fort Collins, Northern Colorado's economic hub, according to ZipRecruiter.
7. Omaha, Nebraska
Jupiterimages via Getty Images
ZipRecruiter score: 0.66
Unemployment rate: 3.0

Which industries are hiring: Home to Warren Buffett, the financial services industry, as well as the health care and tech industries will provide job growth in Omaha, according to ZipRecruiter.
6. Provo, Utah
Denis Jr. Tangney
ZipRecruiter score: 0.61
Unemployment rate: 3.0

Which industries are hiring: Home to Brigham Young University, the fields of education, tech and health care are all experiencing healthy growth, according to ZipRecruiter.
5. Odessa, Texas
ZipRecruiter score: 0.49
Unemployment rate: 2.8

Which industries are hiring: Led by a thriving oil industry, energy services and construction lead job creation in Odessa, according to ZipRecruiter.
4. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
inkknife_2000 (2.5 million + views)/Flickr
ZipRecruiter score: 0.39
Unemployment rate: 2.7

Which industries are hiring: Sioux Falls boasts a diversified and fast-growing economy, providing job growth in the fields of mail-order pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturing and information assurance, according to ZipRecruiter.
3. Rochester, Minnesota
Andy445 via Getty Images
ZipRecruiter score: 0.32
Unemployment rate: 2.6

Which industries are hiring: Rochester, home to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, is a major center of health care hiring. A new project by the clinic is also expected to bring thousands of construction jobs, according to ZipRecruiter.
2. Fargo, North Dakota
Davoud Davies via Getty Images
ZipRecruiter score: 0.11
Unemployment rate: 2.2

Which industries are hiring: Thanks to booming population growth over the last decade, education and health care are the main drivers of job growth in Fargo.
1. Lincoln, Nebraska
Jupiterimages via Getty Images
ZipRecruiter score: 0.07
Unemployment rate: 2.1

Which industries are hiring: Lincoln is first in the nation in job growth for construction, financial services, state government, manufacturing and health care, according to a study by the University of Nebraska.
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