Journals And Planners From Target To Stay Focused This Year

Why wait until January to turn a new page?
Journals and planners from Target.
Journals and planners from Target.

You might think that the new year is the best time to start a journal or fire up a brand-new planner, but the autumn back-to-school season is actually prime time to reign in your focus, set intentions, and get organized. Even if you’re not personally returning to your studies, you can take advantage of the studious spirit and start the fall off with fresh goals — and some pretty new paper products to help you achieve them.

Target is one of our favorite resources for stylish stationary, so we proceeded directly to the red-dot retailer to find the best journals and planners for tackling a variety of tasks. Ahead, find 10 of our favorites — including fitness ledgers, books for budgeting, greeting-card organizers, gratitude journals, productivity prompts, and more goods for helping you put pen to paper.

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A spiral-bound journal with to-do list
Is there anything more satisfying than crossing something off of your to-do list? The notepad that comes with this journal will help you get organized each day. This set also comes with a pencil and clear zip pouch as an organizational bonus.
A 12-week fitness journal
If part of your goal for the fall is to work out regularly, an exercise journal can help with planning your workouts and meeting your fitness goals. Inspired by entrepreneur and Blogilates founder Cassey Ho’s own transformative 12-week fitness journey, this Target-exclusive diary also comes with sections for planning your meals, to make sure you’re getting enough nutrients as you increase your activity levels.
An Erin Condren wellness planner
Small steps lead to big changes, but putting those steps into action requires a plan. Use a wellness planner to set goals to create specific, small changes that will have a huge impact over time. Whether your personal goal is to eat healthier, move your body more or focus more on self-care, having a dedicated place for logging your progress will help you get there.
A book for budgeting
If you want to save your pennies for a big splurge or simply need to reign in your spending, tracking exactly where your money is can really, um, pay off. A budget-tracking journal can create dedicated space for tackling debt or planning for future financial goals.
A greeting card organizer and date book
Become that person who actually remembers to send birthday cards and thank you notes. Tucked inside this organizer are pockets full of cards for each month, along with a place to write out everyone’s birthdays, anniversaries and other life events so you’ll remember when to put your correspondence in the mail.
A “Simply Grateful” gratitude journal
Staying focused and ready to tackle your work is all about your mindset — and it’s hard to feel motivated when every day feels like the same old slog. Spending five minutes writing in this gratitude journal before jumping into your to-do list can help refresh your outlook, and also provides an opportunity to reflect on what you accomplished the day before.
A journal for setting intentions
Instead of just being a place to stare anxiously at your to-do list each day, an intention-setting journal helps weave self-care right into your routine through reflective questions. The prompts serve as a reminder to take care of yourself on a daily basis, no matter how busy you are.
A diary for prioritizing self-care
We all know that self-care is important, but if you’re struggling to put that advice into action, this journal will help you do it. It’s full of easy ways to take care of yourself that don’t require a lot of time. There’s also a place to track your energy level and mood so you can identify which wellness practices are resonating with you the most.

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