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The Best Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips: Our Taste Test Results

In a quest for snack perfection, our editors conducted a taste test to find the best kettle-cooked, original flavored potato chips. Whether you're serving them with dip or just eating them straight from the bag in your sweatpants, our ratings should help you find just what you're looking for.

Before you read the reviews, keep in mind that this taste test strictly covers kettle-style chips. Kettle-style is defined as cooking chips in small batches at a relatively low temperature, stirring continuously to prevent the chips from sticking together. The chips are typically a little thicker and crunchier than traditionally fried potato chips, and have been surging in popularity as of late.

We tested 16 types, seeking the best combination of saltiness, crunch and flavor. Here's how they ranked.

As always, our taste tests are in no way influenced by or sponsored by the brands included.

Potato Chip Taste Test