The Best Kids' Halloween Books of 2013

11 Great Halloween Books To Entertain Your Little Goblins
Morocco, North Africa, Africa
Morocco, North Africa, Africa

It's almost time for monsters, ninjas, fairies, witches and hobos to hit the streets and start begging for candy. HuffPost Parents blogger Devon Corneal has stocked up on mini-chocolate bars and lollipops in the hopes that Halloween doesn't get postponed this year by another freak October storm. On the off chance that she's stuck inside with her kids, she also has a stash of ghoulish and fiendish books perfect for blustery October days. Don't worry, they're not all scary -- in fact, some of them are downright cute and all are guaranteed to entertain even your most particular kids.

<em>Ghost in the House</em> by Ammi-Joan Paquette

Best Halloween Books Of 2013

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