13 Kosher-Friendly Cookbooks That You'll Go Back To Time And Again

The dishes highlighted in these cookbooks aren't only kosher but also delicious, vibrant and culturally varied.

What makes a dish kosher? A whole lot of things: From the way a butcher deals with a piece of meat to the way a specific food is prepared, Jewish dietary laws are complicated and precise. For the purposes of this article, we’re focusing on kosher-friendly cookbooks that highlight recipes that could easily be made kosher and mostly avoid the mixture of dairy and meat — one of the main pillars of kashrut, the set of guidelines dealing with the foods that Jews are permitted to eat.

A lot of our picks include Israeli dishes — including salatim (the “side salads” that you’ll notice are much more than that), falafel, shakshuka and hummus — but you can also expect a whole range of cuisines to tickle your taste buds as you scroll through.

Without further ado, here are the very best kosher-friendly cookbooks worth investing in right now.

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Chef Jake Cohen is hilarious, especially on his Instagram account, where he showcases his signature dishes with flair, delight and ease. But that’s not a reason to purchase his debut cookbook, "Jew-ish." His recipes are — especially the dessert ones, which are delicious and will titillate your palate for hours post-consumption. Some of our favorites include the pumpkin spice babka, macaroon brownies and his famous challah. Don't miss out on the section about the anatomy of the perfect bagel: super funny ... and oh-so-true.

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'Peas, Love And Carrots'
What’s most striking about this cookbook by Jewish food blogger Danielle Renov is its sheer size: Expect to be overwhelmed (in a good way!) by more than 250 recipes that are split into categories, including salads, poultry, foundations, soups, dairy and more. Add to that the stunning photographs and hilarious anecdotes from the author’s own kitchen and you’ve got yourself a, well, recipe for success (see what we did there?). Bonus points: The various dishes touch on Renov’s Sephardic and Ashkenazi roots, so you’re really getting the best of both worlds.

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'Millennial Kosher'
This strictly kosher cookbook debuted to much fanfare just a few years ago. At the time, Author Chanie Apfelbaum had already amassed a large following on her kosher food blog, Busy in Brooklyn, where she still highlights modern takes on classic kosher dishes while also taking into account her fans’ dedication to a healthy lifestyle. From ramen shakshuka to a broccoli burger with cashew “cheddar” sauce, this collection of recipes will delight the most extravagant (kosher) home cooks out there.

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'Sababa: Fresh, Sunny Flavors From My Israeli Kitchen'
"Sababa" is likely one of the most recognized cookbooks on this list. The term in Hebrew means “everything is awesome” — which is exactly what this tome is. The 125 recipes by Adeena Sussman, an American food writer now living in Tel Aviv, get to the heart of Israeli cuisine, taking us inside Shuk Hacarmel, the famous Israeli market that’s perennially resplendent with the sorts of colors, aromas and shapes that you simply can’t find in the United States. From staples (think za’atar, harissa and tahini) to more exotic dishes (schug marinated lamb chops and roasted grape salad), this cookbook is sure to become your kitchen go-to.

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'Jerusalem: A Cookbook'
Chances are, you probably already know who Yotam Ottolenghi is. The world-renowned Israeli-born British chef, who opened six eateries in London with his business partner and pal Sami Tamimi, is a staple of the culinary world. Although his deserving acclaim may be enough of a reason to make this collection yours, it’s the vibrant recipes inside that make this essential reading. Each one is a deep dive into what makes Jerusalem as a city so special. Expect the highlighted foods to explore the diverse Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities that call Jerusalem their home.

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'Modern Jewish Baker: Challah, Babka, Bagels & More'
Tomato-basil challah! Everything-bagel rugelach! S’mores babka! What more could we ask for? Both expert and amateur bakers will delight in the various recipes by Shannon Sarna, who also offers practical tips on using leftovers, preparing treats ahead of time and knowing your basics. We suggest starting off with some challah and stepping it up from there.

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'Zahav: A World Of Israeli Cooking'
Chef Michael Solomonov opened the restaurant Zahav in Philadelphia back in 2008, specifically placing Israeli cuisine on the city’s — and the country’s — gastronomical map. A cookbook was sure to follow. Expect the restaurant’s staples to make on-page appearances (from Zahav’s hummus to the delicious fried cauliflower) alongside “newer” delicacies, including a baked mozzarella “kibbe” with freekah and green peas, a laffa and pita in-the-home-oven dish, Persian rice with black-eyed peas and dill and Romanian kebabs.

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'I Heart Kosher: Beautiful Recipes From My Kitchen'
This is a good one if you’re looking for no-fuss recipes that are straightforward and relatively easy to make — from a quick veggie broth to a pulled lamb shoulder with red onions, parsley and pomegranate to a “simply divine” almond cake. We particularly love the section dedicated to freezer and fridge essentials, which is split into “spice shelf must-haves” (cinnamon, ginger, thyme, among others) and “essentials if you’re feeling fancy” (saffron, rose water, truffle honey and more).

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'Joy Of Kosher: Fast, Fresh Family Recipes'
Jamie Geller heads up a kosher empire of sorts: The Israeli American food writer is also a celebrity chef, a cookbook author and the founder of Kosher Media Network, which launched the "Joy of Kosher" cooking series a decade ago. Her cookbook, which was released in 2013, is a natural extension of her brand and includes an entire section devoted to Passover — a Jewish holiday that comes with its own set of dietary laws. Start off by making her butternut squash mac and cheese and then proceed with garlic honey brisket and crystal clear chicken soup.

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'Shuk: From Market To Table, The Heart Of Israeli Home Cooking'
Let’s get something clear: Every single dish served at chef Einat Admony’s restaurants — including Balaboosta and Taïm in New York — is excellent and you likely won’t be able to properly recreate the exact flavors at home (she is the pro, after all). But it’s certainly worth trying. As is always the case with Israeli food, expect a whole lot of dips and condiments to take center stage alongside flavorful chicken, rice and vegetable dishes. Our favorite sections involve flatbreads and ktzitzot —that is, patties, meatballs and latkes. Yum indeed.

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'Kosher By Design' (Series)
This one’s a slightly different pick encompassing a whole set of cookbooks, each one dealing with a different aspect of life in the kitchen. From a “cooking coach” that includes tips and techniques to hone off your skills to a book meant for the home cooks who are constantly short on time, you will find all of Susie Fishbein’s offerings incredibly helpful at some point in time. And needless to say, the set makes for a great housewarming gift.

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'King Solomon’s Table: A Culinary Exploration Of Jewish Cooking From Around The World'
James Beard award-winning chef Joan Nathan knows what she’s talking about. Her kosher-friendly collection brings together more than 150 recipes from all parts of the world: Israel, Italy, India and beyond. We love the personal histories and historical details peppered throughout the book — not to mention the variety of recipes, which include Sri Lankan breakfast buns with onion confit, Yemenite chicken soup with dill, cilantro and parsley and the Roman ricotta cheese crostata. Consider this a culinary world tour of sorts.

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'The Book Of New Israeli Food: A Culinary Journey'
There’s much to be said about the classic Israeli breakfast, which — as Janna Gur explains in the introduction to this cookbook — was born out of the “needs of kibbutz life” in Israel (a kibbutz is basically a collective community). Although the book isn't solely focused on that particular meal, it does get to the heart of how traditional Israeli food came about, showcasing mostly kosher-friendly recipes like fish falafel in spicy harissa mayonnaise, homemade shawarma, roasted chicken drumsticks and more. A slew of holiday and Sabbath recipes strike our fancy as well.

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