15 Organization Hacks That'll Make You Hate Laundry A Little Less

It actually is possible.

There's no way to get around doing laundry. It's just one of those things we must endure as humans, like cleaning the toilet or getting coffee out of our shirts.

Since we all have to deal with this sad fact of life, we might as well make the best of it by making our laundry spaces as efficient as possible. Scroll through the list below to see how your can hack your way to an organized laundry room.

Short on space? Use a peg board to hang your laundry room essentials and keep them off the floor.
Turn shelf racks upside down and use them as hooks for air drying clothes.
Use a slender shelf on wheels to create extra storage space in between your washer and dryer.
Convert a drawer into a fold-out ironing station.
Install tiered sliding drying racks for laundry that should dry flat.
Swap your trashcans for hampers and you have the perfect pull-out laundry station.
Hang laundry baskets on the wall to save space and keep things organized.
Keep track of spare change found in the dryer in a mounted mason jar.
Turn an old mailbox into a hanging dryer lint dispenser.
Create a hidden drying rack in an empty drawer.
Hang socks missing a mate on the wall to keep track of clothing lost in the dryer.
Hang your ironing board on a coat rack for easy storage.
Writing notes on the washer with a dry erase marker when you're splitting the chore with someone else.
A fold-out clothing rack subtly saves space.
Paint an old ladder, hang it from the ceiling and call it a drying rack.

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