The Most Popular Lego Gifts at Target

From Super Mario to "Black Panther," these themed Lego sets are seriously coveted.
Lego gift sets from Target
Lego gift sets from Target

Not all kids’ toys are timeless. (Anyone else have a Furbie gathering dust in the attic?) But Legos have consistently been a crowd pleaser for decades. Some of the sets are legit collectors items, like the 1,070 piece “Friends” special edition set. Heck, even David Beckham is into ’em. They’re a pretty safe gift giving bet for most kids and even some adult Lego lovers. But it still leaves a big question: Which set should you get?

There are lots of pretty cool Lego sets out there and you don’t have to go far to find them — Target’s virtual shelves are stocked with hundreds of options. (In-store, there’s plenty to choose from too.) The ones rounded up here have the most stars from Target customers. Find the best set for your kids (or you) ahead.

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Lego City stunt challenge set
This set is just as fun to play with as it is to build. Once it’s set up, pop one of the action figures — stars from the “Lego City Adventures” TV series — on the stunt bike and strike a column. Some pieces even glow in the dark.
Marvel “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” set
Shopping for a fan of Marvel’s “Black Panther” franchise? They’ll love this Lego set of King Namor’s throne room. It comes with Shuri, Attuma, King Namor, a submarine, fish and seaweed accessories — everything they need to build an epic underwater adventure.
Super Mario Yoshi set
Even a small Lego set will bring a smile to a kiddo’s face. This mini Super Mario set is the perfect stocking stuffer or white elephant gift. The 46 pieces are simple enough for a child who has never put together a Lego set on their own.
Lego Friends ice-cream truck
With 84 pieces, this ice-cream truck and table set is perfect for kids as young as four. It’s not too overwhelming and they’ll get more confident as they see the pieces come together. It also comes with two figurines and a cute little pup.
Disney Princess Jasmine and Mulan set
While a Disney movie mashup that stars both Princess Jasmine and Mulan doesn’t exist (yet!), the beauty of imaginative play is that you can make it happen in 176 pieces. Oh, and Rajah the tiger and the magic carpet are both included too, of course.
Ninjago ninja dragon temple
Ninjas, a dragon, a snake on a motorbike…Just think about the epic battles that are going to take place at this Lego temple. With 161 pieces, it provides enough of a challenge without being too overwhelming, the perfect gift for new builders.
Super Mario frozen tower
With almost 500 pieces, this set will keep the kiddo in your life busy for quite a while. It builds upon other Super Mario sets, so if they love this one, they can add others to their wishlist too. Also included are three Super Mario characters: Toad, Cat Goomba and Kamek.
Lego Friends vacation house
Set up this Lego mansion in your playroom and Barbie just might leave her dream house to come over. This sprawling beachside property is complete with palm trees, a ping-pong table, banana boat, jet ski, two scooters, and a dolphin. What a life, right?
Lego Friends organic farm
Maybe your Lego lover is more into the country than the beach. If so, this organic farm set is right up their alley. After building the barn, they’ll have a blast playing with all the animals, repairing the roof and selling the produce at the mini farmers’ market stand. There’s even a henhouse with little chicken figures and eggs. Don’t be surprised if your kid asks how to join the local co-op.
Lego City rocket launch
As if building a rocket ship wasn’t cool enough, kids will also be able to make a control room, observatory and planet rover. It’s an entire NASA-inspired space city right in their bedroom. When they’re done building (which, with over 1,000 pieces will take a while), they can play with their creation using the six included minifigures.
Lego City stunt loop
Once this set is built, kids can launch the stunt bike to fly through the loop and cruise over the purple chimpanzee. Good thing the mini stuntman is wearing a helmet!
Lego Technic crane
Putting this 835-piece crane together is tricky, making this a perfect gift for experienced Lego lovers. Once it’s complete, the crane is completely usable, able to rotate 360 degrees and pick up other Legos or small toys.
Lego Classic building set
Instead of directions for just one build, this set comes with 24 different challenges, including a dragon, dinosaur and drum set. There are over 1,000 pieces, which kids can use to dream up their own creations.
Lego Duplo fire rescue set
If you know a little one who gets excited every time they see a fire truck, they’ll love playing with their own. Help them put together the fire station, which will be the homebase for their firefighting adventures. Also included are a helicopter, flames and two firefighter figurines.
Lego Dots Disney bracelet set
Consider this the snap bracelet of 2022. Lego builders can design their own bracelets using Lego Dots, some of which have cute Mickey Mouse-themed designs. You can buy extra dots separately too, for even more creative customizations.

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