10 Extra-Long Charging Cords That Are Doing The Most

This inexpensive tech upgrade will ensure that you never, ever have to get off the couch.
Long USB type-C cable and Native Union cable.

It’s a familiar predicament: after a long day, you and your phone are both on 1% but the only outlet in your living room is far away from the couch. How, then, are you to recline while mindlessly scrolling through food videos and images of unlikely animal friends?

The answer? A long cord. Like, really long. From 6 to 10 to even 20 feet, these extra-long phone charger cables will give you power from afar. They’re perfect for car rides, hotel rooms, offices or living rooms with outlets in unfortunate places.

To help you stay charged from wherever you are, we found cables for Apple phones and Androids alike in an array of colors and styles. Each cord listed has a ton of positive reviews from long-cord lovers who will never go back to the short-tether life.

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Native Union knotted weight 10-foot cable
With a sliding weighted knot, this long cable won't slip behind furniture or hard-to-reach places the second you unplug your phone. It measures 10 feet and comes in four colors. Although it's not a budget cord, reviewers said it will last over time and is super handy when traveling or charging your phone from bed.

Promising review: "I purchased this product a few years ago from the Apple store and loved it. I needed two more and purchased them from Amazon. The knot moves along the cord allowing you to put the weight where you need it so that the cord doesn't slip onto the floor or get forgotten when you leave a hotel room! It's no inexpensive but lasts a long time and the length is perfect for plugging my device in while sitting comfortably (instead of hovering near the outlet!). I would recommend the product and purchase it again if needed." — Valerie F. MacLeod
A three-pack of colorful iPhone cables
Give your charging center a pop of color with this set of three iPhone cables. The T parts around the top and bottom of the cord keep it from breaking after wear and tear. They come in 6 feet and 10 feet and are covered in tangle-free nylon braid.

Promising review: "My old charger had wires coming out from being bent where you plug it into your phone, which is always the reason I need to buy a new one. This charger gets rid of that problem and I love it. I love the plug being on the side of the cord. The cord itself is very durable and sturdy. I can also prop my phone up to FaceTime while it’s plugged in with this cord. The pack of three gives me one for by my bed, my car, and in the kitchen. Love it!" — Michelle
A set of two USB-C fast charging cables
This pair of USB-C cables come in 11 sizes from a half-foot to 15 feet. They're nylon braided and bend-proof and come in four colors.

Promising review: "Purchased my first set over a year ago and they are still in perfect shape and functioning as they should-they are used daily.
Just bought a second set for the hubby" — Kindle Customer
A 20-foot USB-C cable
What's better than a 10-foot cord? A 20-foot cord. This braided USB-C cable comes in four colors and lets you charge your Android or tablet from far, far away.

Promising review: "I needed a long cord and this was perfect. It stretches across the whole room like I needed It too. Charges well and the cord appears strong so I'm not worried about it fraying." — Amazon customer
A 10-foot four-in-one universal phone charging
Charge your AirPods, iPhone, Kindle and Android at the same time with this four-in-one universal charging cable. It measures 10 feet long and is perfect for road trips or family rooms.

Promising review: “I like how long and convenient this product is. The cord is flexible. If you are looking for a cord that will go the distance, look no further!” — Lauren Calamia
A set of two 10-foot fast-charging iPhone cords and blocks
Sit back, relax and enjoy charging your phone with ease without searching for a charging block. This set comes with two 10-foot cables and two USB-C blocks.

Promising review: "Wow! When they say 'Fast charger' they really mean it. This charger doesn’t play when it comes to charging my phone and the cord length is a huge plus. I would definitely recommend buying this product. I’m fact I’ll be purchasing a couple more to keep in every room of my house." — Lizzy
A three-pack of 10-foot nylon braided iPhone cords
Nylon braided with a reinforced tail, this set of three 10-foot charging cords is all about durability. Reviewers say they're easy to travel with and don't get tangled.

Promising review: "These are the best cables I ever purchased. They are better than the name-brand ones you pay top dollar for. They come in large lengths for those hard-to-reach places. I travel a lot and use them every chance I get. very easy to wind up and even fits in a small zip lock bag. They don't even tangle like the ones purchased in a phone store. I highly recommend this product." — Sarah
A three-pack of iPhone cables
This set of three fast-charging cables works to charge your Apple devices in a jiffy. They come in 10 solid colors and six sizes, from 1 foot to 10 feet.

Promising review: "Works very well with my iPhone 11. Allows me to sit in my chair and still use my phone due to the length and sturdiness." — Smokinlawyerslady
A three-pack of 10-foot Android charging cables
Charge your Android in style with this set of three braided cords. They're durable and easy to travel with.

Promising review: "I purchased these because my Xbox controller batteries die so fast these days! I love the length and ability to play without worrying about the “batteries in controller are low” message. I also use the cord for my daughter’s OPTICS baby monitor, my playstation controller and my Kindle 1st Gen" — Brandie D.
A 10-foot charging cord for older iPhone and iPads
These days, it can be hard to find any charger for older iPhones and iPads, let alone an extra-long one. This baby measures 10 feet and works on older Apple products.

Promising review: "I have held on to my nano iPod because it has a lot of my meditation audios. I haven’t been able to charge it for years. And this worked. I have all my guided meditations back!!!" — blumoon

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