These Massage Guns From Amazon Make Great Gifts

From Theragun to Renpho, these massaging tools will help soothe sore muscles and ease the tension of the holiday season.
The Theragun Prime, Bob and Brad's Q2 mini massage gun and the Toloco massage gun.

In an ideal world, we could all seek relief from the skilled hands of a masseuse the second we felt the beginnings of sore muscles or a tension-filled knot. For many of us, that’s not always possible. However, a growing number of affordable and highly rated at-home massage guns have proven to be a pretty adequate replacement.

Amazon is a goldmine for finding these handheld devices, which typically feature deep-tissue percussive massage anywhere between 2,000 to 3,200 revolutions per minute (RPM), an average stroke reach (or amplitude) of 12 to 16 millimeters and attachments in a variety of shapes and sizes to help target specific muscles and relieve pain.

Whether you’re trying to fulfill the holiday wishes of a fitness-lover or someone that could just use some relaxation in their life, consider the following list of massage guns in your search for a gift this year.

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A high-intensity gun with a Japanese-designed motor
Using a Japanese-designed brushless and high-torque motor, the Fusion Black Pro can provide up to an above-average 3,300 whisper-quiet percussions per minute, which can be adjusted across 20 different speed and intensity levels. The company also claims that this model has been calibrated to reach 65% deeper into the muscle compared to other massagers. The Pro comes with six swappable heads that offer everything from targeted deep tissue relief to more softer options for delicate areas like the neck.
A highly rated massage gun
One of the highest-rated massage guns on Amazon, the Toloco massager features an impressive selection of 15 attachments, including an air-cushioned head for softer relief and bulge head to target abdominal muscle soreness. It's also equipped with seven speed levels and six hours of battery life per charge.
An industry-leading Theragun Prime
Theragun's fourth generation, Bluetooth-connective massage gun offers percussive therapy that reaches 16 mm into the muscle and features advanced sound insulation for an ultra-quiet performance. Users can choose from four attachments and five speeds.
A Renpho active massage gun
Renpho's highly rated muscle fascia gun promises a long battery life, an ultra-quiet operation and a high-torque brushless motor that powers a highly penetrative percussive massage that reaches up to 3,200 RPM. Users can choose between five speeds that are geared to target specific muscle groups as well as five massaging heads.
A mini heated massage gun by Renpho
Renpho pared down their signature massager design into this travel-sized option with a warming function that can reach up to 114 degrees and takes just three seconds to heat up. The three different speed intensities can reach up to 2,800 RPM and it comes with four interchangeable attachments.
A 30-mode massage gun
If a large array of massage modes and speed functions is a selling point for you or the person you're buying for, this massager offers settings that range from powerful percussion to vibrational to gentle massages and 30 different vibration frequency options, all easily controlled using the LCD touchscreen on the back of the gun.
A hot and cold massager
This massage gun has three quick-adjusting temperature settings for cooling and heating benefits, as well as three adjustable speed levels that can help aid in muscle recovery and in reducing muscle tension. Aside from the heating and cooling head, it also comes with four other attachments for target percussive therapy.
An ergonomic massage gun
The Opove massager has an over 14-mm amplitude, three and half hours worth of battery life per charge and a 45-degree handle angle, which makes the gun easier to hold for longer periods of time without causing wrist fatigue.
The F1Pro massager by Flyby
Flyby's F1Pro claims to be as quiet as an electric toothbrush while offering a powerful 3,200 RPM-performance that delivers up to 50 pounds' worth of pressure. Users can toggle between three speed settings and enjoy up to four hours of run time per charge.
A mini massage gun
Designed by Bob and Brad, two internet-loved physical therapists, this mini massage gun is great for travel or transporting to the gym. Despite its compact size, the Bob and Brad massager still offers a max percussion speed of 3,000 RPM with four other speed options to choose from. Accompanying the convenient travel case are five interchangeable massage heads, including an air-cushioned head which can be good for more sensitive or painful areas.
A WellBody massager with heated ball attachment
For the added benefit of heat, which can help aid in reducing inflammation and pain, this heated massager by WellBody can be a good option because features a rechargeable heated ball attachment. The WellBody 5 is the brand's most advanced, Bluetooth-connective massage gun in the WellBody line and offers up to 3,000 RPM, five speed intensities and an amplitude of 16 mm.

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