Best Massage Therapist in Los Angeles


When I moved back to Los Angeles in 2011 my arms were wrecked from twenty years of writing/typing for eight to twelve hours per day. I went through about fifteen massage therapists until I found someone who could explain how the pain I was experiencing in my forearms related to my neck, shoulders, and lower back, and what could be done to alleviate it. In addition, if you have ever taken my one of my workshops you know that I have an 18-inch scar on my leg that is a constant source of discomfort - I wanted to know if anything could be done to make it feel better.

For the last five years, every week I treat myself to Antonia's Body Mind Healing for a massage. I can honestly tell you every massage has been wonderful, exactly what I needed that week to keep me in shape so that I can type my psychotherapy notes and write an occasional Huffington Post Blog. Certified Massage Therapist Antonia Perensky is a genius when it comes to revitalizing and rejuvenating me.

Los Angeles is a transient place - people come and go - meetings evaporate into thin air - so many people are unreliable or just fair-weather friends - narcissism wafts over the city thicker than the worst smog you have ever seen. Antonia has been there every week for me, on time, reasonably priced, using an eclectic range of Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Lomi-Lomi Somatic Relief and Aroma Therapy. She is by far the most knowledgeable, dedicated and gifted healer and bodyworker I have ever met. And she is also a lovely human being.