The Best Dress Shoes To Add To Your Wardrobe, According To Stylish Men

From classic Oxfords to slip-on loafers, these are the dress shoes stylish guys recommend to smarten up your footwear.
TAFT gladiator Oxford and Polo Ralph Lauren booth leather tassel loafer.

While few fashion feelings are as euphoric as lacing up a new pair of sneakers for the first time, certain special occasions call for footwear that’s a bit more sophisticated. And for men, that comes in the form of an elegant dress shoe.

Whether you’re heading to brunch at a flashy restaurant, attending a wedding or upgrading your office wardrobe, dress shoes are the accompaniments you need to complete your formal outfits. Oxfords, derbies and loafers fall under this classic shoe category, timeless styles that are ideal for everyday users and frequent event-goers alike.

David Komisarchik, a New York-based fashion and lifestyle content creator, told HuffPost that dress shoes are an important part of any wardrobe because of their versatility.

“The beauty of dress shoes is that they don’t have to be confined to formal or office wear,” he said. “They elevate casual outfits and can even bring unique details to them as well. Most of the time, if you’re unsure of what footwear to choose, a black or brown dress shoe will work.”

To help you put your best foot forward, we asked Komisarchik and other stylish influencers and enthusiasts to share their go-to dress shoes.

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Florsheim Tux cap toe Oxford
"My go-to dress shoe is none other than the Oxford polished cap toe. A piece of leather is added across the toecap, giving them a sophisticated, sleek look. Quality Oxfords typically feature a heel cap, a soft genuine leather inner sole, and an elegant polished finish. They look amazing paired with a turtleneck and blazer for an upscale dinner party, a dress shirt and bowtie for formal events, or a business suit for important boardroom meetings." — Christon Cash, an Orlando, Florida-based lifestyle and men's fashion content creator

This shoe comes in men's sizes 7-14 in medium and extra-wide widths.
Allen Edmonds Verona II loafer
"When it comes to dress shoes, Allen Edmonds always falls at the top of my list. Their quality and comfort will last forever if you invest in the price. I personally own their Verona loafer, which fits my style because you can dress them up or down." — Nick Urteaga, a Los Angeles-based menswear content creator

This shoe comes in dark brown, walnut brown and chili brown and in men's sizes 7-13.
Johnston & Murphy Ronan cap toe derby
"For a more price-friendly option, I turn to Johnston & Murphy. They have so many classic styles at a friendly cost with great quality, like their Ronan cap toe." — Urteaga

This shoe comes in brown and black and in men's sizes 8-14.
Polo Ralph Lauren booth leather tassel loafer
"For a more relaxed yet stylish look that can be either dressed up or down, I normally go with a loafer from Ralph Lauren. I love loafers because with the right pair, it can make for a good daytime or nighttime look. Versatility is key!" — Queyoun Makor, a Dallas-based men's fashion and lifestyle content creator

This shoe comes in men's sizes 7-13.
Neiman Marcus
Magnanni Segovia cap toe Oxford
"For business or formal attire, I love to throw on a pair of black or brown Oxfords! A pair of Magnanni’s are my current brand of choice and the Segovia cap-toe leather Oxfords is my go-to right now. Style, quality and comfort is the name of the game for me." — Makor

This shoe comes in brown and black when you purchase from Bergdorf Goodman and only brown from Neiman Marcus. Sizes range from 7-13.
Taft Hiro Chelsea boot
"These boots are so easy to dress both up and down. The shape and silhouette of Chelsea boots work perfectly with a pair of well-tailored pants, suit trousers and slim jeans, where the pant leg tapers down by the ankle. I'd wear these with everything from a T-shirt and jeans to a well-fitted suit, and many things in between." — James Meredith, a Philadelphia-based men's fashion and lifestyle digital content creator

This shoe comes in black and brown and in men's sizes 6-15.
Taft gladiator Oxford
"If you're able to stretch your budget (or catch them during their spring sale), these shoes are some of my favorite dress shoes ever. I love the suede upper mixed with the leather as well as the double-broguing at the toe. Taft is really good at giving us freshly redesigned classics. They're classic enough to be worn just like any other brown dress shoe but bold enough to make a statement. " — David Komisarchik, a New York-based fashion and lifestyle content creator

This shoe comes in men's sizes 6-15.
Ted Baker London Watele water-resistant plain toe Derby
"If we're looking for a simple black derby dress shoe, Ted Baker does it well. It'd be remiss of me not to mention a simple black dress shoe because we all need a pair. Handcrafted Italian leather is something you can count on to last, which is great if you're the type of person that buys 1 pair of dress shoes every 3 years. The shape of them is really great. I also like that they're water-resistant so you can wear them on your commute without worry." — Komisarchik

This shoe comes in brown and black and in men's sizes 7-14.
Beckett Simonon
Beckett Simonon Dean Oxford
"First of all, Beckett Simonon has a great selection of dress shoes, boots and sneakers at a reasonable price. Their unique offer is that every shoe isn't made until you order it, so it's almost like getting a custom pair for under $250. I really like their Dean Oxfords because they're simple and versatile. If you're someone who needs one dress shoe, I say go dark brown because it'll come in handy dressed up or dressed down. The suede adds some character. Oxfords are also a very sleek and classic design that won't ever go out of style. " — Komisarchik

This shoe comes in dark brown and light brown and in men's sizes 7-14
Beckett Simonon
Beckett Simonon Bernard tassel loafer
"This is a stylish yet simple shoe that transcends trends and seasons. It's a very timeless dress shoe. I love how much you can do with a pair of these. You can dress them up with a suit and tie, or dress them down with a nice sweater, dress shirt, or casual tee and a pair of jeans. For summer you can go for a no-show sock or no sock at all, and in winter, throw on a pair of long socks with them and they fare well in the cold seasons. The tassel adds more personality to the shoe and separates it from normal loafers." — LaDarius Campbell, a Dallas-based fashion and style enthusiast

This shoe comes in brown, black, burgundy, oak brown and tan and in men's sizes 7-14.
Beckett Simonon
Beckett Simonon Roy loafer
"I put a pair of loafers on my list because I think everyone should have a pair. They're elegant and give off an air of luxury, which I personally love. Again, Beckett Simonon does a good job of giving us a classic without any fluff. If you're feeling fancy, you could seek out a tasseled loafer, but as a first foray into loafers, these are great. Also, loafers can often be way more comfortable than standard dress shoes and look just as nice. They're not always quite as formal, but you can definitely wear them for most dressy occasions." — Komisarchik

This shoe comes in dark brown and light brown and in men's sizes 7-14.

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