Men Are Sharing The Things They 'Actually Want' For Christmas, And I'm Taking Notes

Now you'll finally know what to get your boyfriend, dad, brother, or even yourself.
Lego "The Office" set, Leatherman tool, weighted blanket, Kindle e-reader
Walmart, Amazon
Lego "The Office" set, Leatherman tool, weighted blanket, Kindle e-reader

Popular items from this list:

  • A waterproof Aqua Blade trimmer from Wahl, which is the perfect beard trimmer, hair trimmer, and grooming kit

  • A Nordic Parka from J.Crew, which will keep them so warm while still looking so stylish

  • A weighted blanket from YNM, which will probably help them fall asleep much faster

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The world's hardest jigsaw puzzle
This puzzle comes in four different sizes, ranging from 100-1,000 pieces, so proceed at your own risk. Did I mention that the pieces are see-through?
A Commuter Shirt from Rhone
This is the ultimate dress shirt because it doesn't actually feel like you're wearing one. The fabric is so stretchy and durable that it basically melts to your body, so you never feel cramped or stiff, even after a full day at work. I always feel super put-together when I've got one on because it's the perfect balance of luxury meets comfort.
A weighted blanket from YNM, which will probably help them fall asleep much faster
If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, then a weighted blanket just might help. These cotton blankets come in several sizes (when choosing which weight to get, YNM recommends taking 10% of your body weight and then adding an extra pound), but the best part is that they're super breathable, so you won't wake up in a puddle of sweat.
A Squirt PS4 multi-tool from Leatherman
This multi-tool is smaller than a lighter and only weighs a couple ounces, but it's packed with nine tool attachments (everything from pliers, to wire cutters, to a bottle opener, to so much more). You'll be hard-pressed to find something this effective and handy, whether it's for casual use around the apartment or for a long camping trip.
A pair of T90 wireless Bluetooth headphones from LG
These are the world's first "Dolby Atmos" headphones, which basically means they'll adjust the audio to whatever you're doing and wherever you are, making the audio as clear as possible. They also come with a UVnano+ charging case. In other words, it uses UV-C light to clean out the headphones while they charge, effectively killing 99.9% of all bacteria.
A waterproof Aqua Blade trimmer from Wahl
This cordless, rechargeable trimmer will give you an extremely close shave, but it also comes with several attachments for everything else you're looking for. (Touch-ups between haircuts? Check. Nose and ear trimmers? Check. A precision detailer? Check.) It also uses a lithium ion battery, which means you'll be able to go months between charges.
A Nordic Parka from J.Crew
Look, it's time you give your one winter coat a rest. This is an investment piece that will keep you warm on the coldest days, even without having to wear multiple layers. It's stylish and trendy but still manages to be super durable and comfortable. It also has pockets galore. It's hard to look sharp and put together in the winter when everyone is typically bundled up, but this jacket makes it possible.
A 100% all-natural container of whey protein powder from Promix Nutrition
I've been using Promix's protein powder for just about a decade. It's made from the highest-quality ingredients (it's all grass-fed and gluten-free), and it genuinely tastes great. The other protein powders I've tried can be super grainy or leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth, but this one is so good that I can literally just mix it with water and still be 100% satisfied. If you're curious, their five-pound container typically lasts me a little over two months.
A 1,000+ piece "The Office" LEGO set
This 1,164-piece LEGO set is so detailed that you'll genuinely be shocked. Each iconic character has been reimagined as their own LEGO mini-figure, and several of the workplace locations can be built (like Michael Scott's office, the conference room, and so on). You'll also find a bunch of pieces that serve as inside jokes from the show. For example, there's even a LEGO piece of Dwight's stapler in Jell-O. If you like The Office, then you'll love this.
A luxe bath mat from Pact
This is one of the softest bath mats you'll ever use. It's made with organic cotton from Turkey, and it'll have you feeling like you've stepped into a full-on spa. The mats are soft, thick, and super absorbent, but the best part is that they actually look nice.
A Spikeball set from, well, Spikeball, which is the perfect backyard or beach game
Spikeball is basically a more compact version of volleyball. Here, teams still get three touches to return the ball, but the net is smaller and circular. Rather than being confined to one side of a traditional volleyball net, this gameplay is 360-degrees around, so there's a lot of running, yelling, and laughing involved. Depending on how competitive your teammates are, this game can be fun and casual or downright sweaty. Either way, it's really, really entertaining.
A pull-up bar from Ally Peaks, which can hold up to 440 pounds
The bar easily mounts to any doorframe and (unlike other brands) can hold nearly 450 pounds. This kit also comes with two different handles and levels of resistance bands, which allow for even more exercises. If you don't have any at-home workout equipment yet but are looking for a place to start, this is a pretty good first step.
Sienna Sauce
A hot sauce variety pack from Sienna Sauce
This Shark Tank-approved hot sauce company has four different flavors (Sweet & Tangy, Smokey Brown, Lemon Pepper, and Spice It Up) for every occasion. Each 12-ounce bottle is gluten-free and tastes super vibrant, powerful, and delicious.
The newest Kindle model from Amazon, which has twice as much storage and a glare-free screen
The newest Kindle is their lightest and most compact model yet (the display size is 6"). Its glare-free screen lets you read outdoors, indoors, and at all hours of the night.
A portable G4 Electric Scooter from Gotrax
Having to never ride the subway again should be reason enough to get an electric scooter, but if you're still not convinced, I'll keep talking. The G4 model has 10" pneumatic tires, which are designed to make your ride super smooth and comfortable. It can travel 25 miles on a single charge and has a max speed of 20 miles per hour. The really cool thing about this scooter is that it comes with an electric code lock and a cable lock, doubling the amount of security to prevent theft.
And a skin essentials bundle from Bevel
Men, you've gotta start washing your face (and doing it with the right stuff!). This bundle comes with a facial cleanser, exfoliating pads, and a face gel for moisturizing. All three will leave your skin feeling so healthy and glowing, and you'll wonder why you didn't start with these skincare basics sooner.

HuffPost receives a share from retailers on this page. Every item is independently selected by the HuffPost Shopping team. Prices and availability are subject to change.

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