The Best Products For Manscaping, According To Male Strippers

Call it manscaping or just basic upkeep — these are the products and tips used by male exotic performers.
A triple-action baby powder for men, personal hair trimmer from Meridian Grooming and hair-removal cream.
Amazon, Meridian
A triple-action baby powder for men, personal hair trimmer from Meridian Grooming and hair-removal cream.

For the longest time, body hair removal seemed largely relegated to the world of women’s beauty. In reality, male body grooming is a ritualistic aspect of exotic male performance — and, according to these performers, it’s a taboo that’s quickly changing for all men.

“When a male is well groomed with soft skin, it can be seen as feminine,” said an Arizona Male Strippers performer who prefers to go by his stage name Valente. “But, for me, grooming is an extension of my branding [and] boosts my confidence.”

He thanks the early-2000s rise of the term “metrosexual” and the “Magic Mike” franchise (the latest installment of which recently arrived in theaters) for demystifying “manscaping.”

He specifically citied a scene in the first “Magic Mike” film in which one of the male characters is caught shaving with his sister’s razor. For him, it highlights how outdated the stigmas are surrounding men that enjoy being close-shaven.

“I know that there is not enough information for male grooming due to how society is structured,” said Valente, who shaves at least twice a week.

His routine involves regular exfoliation and starting off completely dry using electric trimmers before wet shaving with a manual razor, then following up with oils and hydrators. He said this process (which you can learn more about below) prevents cuts and razor burn while keeping his skin feeling healthy.

Valente and other dancers from the world of male stripping gave us a detailed glimpse inside their bathrooms, including a look at the products that have reached near-sacred status in their upkeep rituals. Whether you’re most comfortable going completely bare, au naturale or somewhere in between, there’s something for everyone.

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A hair-removing cream with aloe
A fellow Arizona Male Strippers performer who goes by the stage name Austin said that he will occasionally use this body cream hair remover by Nair that's formulated with soothing aloe and lanolin. "This is suitable for saving time instead of shaving," he said. "But, you must be spot-on with [the directed] three-minute timing so as not to burn your skin."
A cordless Wahl trimmer set
"I use a small Wahl trimmer to cut big bushy hair first, starting on dry skin," Velente said. "I start from my chest, stroking from the outside going over the left pec while holding the nipple area with the other hand and applying pressure to try to make the skin flat so it will be easier to go over with the trimmer. This prevents accidents such as cuts and getting stuck."

With self-sharpening precision blades and a cordless operation, this electric trimmer allows users to achieve 14 different trimming lengths, courtesy of the seven different included comb attachments.
Meridian Grooming
A personal electric hair trimmer
Editor's pick: Another electric trimmer option that's designed for use anywhere on the body, including beards and underarms, is this bestseller from Meridian Grooming. Depending on which guard you choose, this cordless and rechargeable razor can provide a barely-there finish, a mid-level tidying or can just even things out.
A manual razor designed for sensitive skin
When it's time for a more detailed and close shave, both Valente and Austin use triple-blade disposable razors all over their entire bodies. For people with sensitive skin, Valente recommended these five-blade razors by Bic that are enhanced with moisture strips along the entire flexible head of the razor.

"I always shave using downward strokes, [then] sideways in a gentle slow momentum," Valente said, noting that he has one dedicated razor for his face and one for his body. "I also apply one stroke at a time, then I rinse the blade under water for a better performance; this way, I don't have tiny hair between the blades."
A rich-lathering shave gel
"If I am going to shave the bikini area especially, I use a lot of [shave] creams, gels or even conditioner," Valente said. A favorite on his shelf is this shave gel by Skintimate that starts off as a moisture-rich gel before lathering into a protective cream. It also contains lanolin and vitamin E to impart an extra dose of moisture. He also enjoys using Shea Moisture's Daily Hydration Conditioner, which contains 100% virgin coconut oil.
A triple-repair body cream
All of the male performers we corresponded with said that a post-shave moisturizer is essential. For Austin, it's usually a light, non-greasy and fast-absorbing lotion that he applies right after he gets out of the shower after shaving.

One of Valente's favorite options is this shea butter-based cream by La Roche-Posay that contains skin-essential lipids, prebiotics beneficial for the skin's microbiome and adored hydrators like glycerin and niacinamide.
A multitasking replenishing oil
Both Valente and Austin are big fans of incorporating natural oils into their post-shave regimen, especially if you have sensitive skin. "The Replenishing Oil by Juice Beauty is one of my most important products," Valente said of this multitasking oil that he said makes his skin feel supple and healthy like nothing else.

Although this oil, which contains a proprietary blend of fruit stem cells and vitamin C, is intended for the face, Valente also applies it to his body. It harnesses the power of resveratrol-rich grape seed oil to improve skin tone and luminosity as well as a lipid complex essential for maintaining a healthy skin barrier.
A buttery soft exfoliant
Valente said that a few times a week he exfoliates his entire body using the Soft Skin scrub by St. Ives, employing a body brush to loosen up dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs. This exfoliant uses extract from buttery avocados and nourishing honey, along with moderately abrasive natural exfoliators.
An at-home hair-removal cream
Sidney Saayman is a performer as well as the director and producer of the Australia-based Menxclusive burlesque and cabaret show. He told HuffPost that hair-removal creams are typically his favorite grooming method because, although most performers opt for shaving, he finds shaving's resulting re-growth to be coarse and uncomfortable.

This cream by No Hair Crew has been specifically formulated to remove hair in intimate areas and contains ingredients like seaweed to stave off the potential for irritation and dryness.

Another pro tip: Saayman suggested applying hair-removal creams with disposable rubber gloves, then removing the cream with a wet wash cloth.
A triple-action baby powder for men
Saayman said that applying baby powder after close shaving helps to prevent sweating, which can in turn prevent annoying razor bumps, especially in crevices that are subject to friction. Gold Bond's talc-free formula claims to absorb excess moisture, refresh skin and offer odor control.

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