The Best Men's Natural Deodorants For 2020

Don't sweat it: We've done the research and found the best men's deodorants without aluminum.

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A guide to finding the best natural deodorant for guys. 
A guide to finding the best natural deodorant for guys. 

Let’s talk about sweat, baby.

Natural deodorants are the talk of the town these days, especially as consumers think more critically about the ingredients that make up everyday products.

We’ve previously debunked the claims that aluminum (the active ingredient in many traditional antiperspirants) can increase the risk of cancer or has links to Alzheimer’s disease. But there are still plenty of reasons guys might want to make the swap to a natural deodorant, like sensitive skin or irritation from traditional deodorants and antiperspirants.

It’s also worth mentioning that most natural deodorants are just that: deodorants. Most of them aren’t antiperspirants because, well, they’re missing the sweat-blocking ingredient aluminum. Instead, most natural deodorants are made with antibacterial ingredients that fight odor-causing bacteria so you’ll keep smells at bay.

The TL;DR? Natural deodorants work to keep you from smelling bad, but most won’t stop you from sweating.

Finding a natural deodorant that works for you is a personal thing. They aren’t a one-brand-suites-all scenario. Many people talk about an “adjustment” period to allow your body to get used to using a different kind of deodorant.

To make your hunt for the best men’s natural deodorants — from roll-on deodorants to natural men’s deodorant sprays — a little easier, we’ve rounded up a few top options that don’t contain aluminum.

In the end, don’t sweat it, because you should use what works best for you.

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Below, take a look at our guide to the best men’s natural deodorants for 2020:

Helmm Refillable Deodorants
Helmm's Refillable Deodorants are a good choice for guys who are always on the go and who don't want to worry about picking up their next deodorant refill when they've run out. Instead, you can make either a one-time purchase, or set up a Helmm subscription for refills to arrive just when your favorite scent is about to run out.

Choose from a deodorant and perspirant formula, or a natural formula that's just deodorant, for your perfect combo. Choose from signature scents like "Trailblazer," "Coastline," "Hudson" and "Night Market." Get them at Helmm.
Oars + Alps Natural Deodorant
If you want a natural deodorant that has the fresh, manly scents of your favorite drugstore deodorants, chances are you'll like the variety of scents from Oars + Alps. This aluminum-free deodorant absorbs sweat, masks body odor and goes on smooth. The unique formula uses corn starch to absorb odors

Read the reviews from plenty of real users on Amazon, where you can snag the product in plenty of signature scents like Fresh Ocean Splash, Eucalyptus Spearmint and California Coast.
Aesop Deodorant Roll-On
Want a deodorant that looks and smells expensive? Aesop's Deodorant Roll-On has an earthy, woodsy scent made up of zinc ricinoleate, wasabi extract and essential oils designed to mask everyday odor.

To use, simply use the roll-on under each arm after bathing and before dressing. Allow it to fully dry before dressing. Get it at Nordstrom.
Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone
Salt deodorants like this Thai Crystal Deodorant Stone are made of potassium alum salt minerals. They work by creating a salt layer on the skin that prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria. The good news is it's free of aluminum and doesn't clog pores. It also contains no harmful chemicals, oils or perfumes. Plus, one salt crystal can easily last up to a year or more. The downside? It doesn't clog pores the way aluminum-based deodorants do, so it won't keep you from sweating. Instead, it keeps those odor-causing bacteria away so you won't have any end-of-day funk.

To use, wet the crystal stone lightly and apply generously to underarms and feet. Can also be applied immediately after bathing while still wet. It dries immediately and leaves no residue or scent. Keep one at home and another in your gym backpack with this two-pack from Amazon.
Baxter Of California Deodorant
Baxter Of California is an award-winning men's grooming brand. The Baxter of California Deodorant has more than 4,000 reviews and a 4-star rating on site from guys who swear by it. It's an alcohol and aluminum-free deodorant that's designed with Comfrey root, tea tree oil and witch hazel to fight odor-causing bacteria under your arms.

The citrus and herbal musk scent goes on clear and doesn't stain. It's a men's solid deodorant that's a must-try for sensitive skin. Get it at Amazon.
MALIN+GOETZ Eucalyptus Deodorant
Looking for a deodorant that's both aluminum and alcohol free? This MALIN+GOETZ eucalyptus deodorant might be what you're looking for. It's formulated with antiseptic eucalyptus extract and citronellyl to fight smelly microbes. According to the brand, you should give your body two weeks to adjust to using a natural deodorant. "As your pores become unclogged, your system may initially overcompensate by producing more water. Your body will soon reach its natural equilibrium, allowing the deodorant to perform effectively."

Just apply daily to underarms as you would a normal stick deodorant. The formula leaves no residue or stains, so you won't ruin any of your favorite button-downs. Get it at Nordstrom.
Herban Cowboy Deodorant
We love a good pun, which is just one of the reasons why Herban Cowboy Deodorant is worth remembering. This vegan deodorant is aluminum and talc free, and is made with sage and rosemary botanicals to fight odor and keep you feeling fresh.

It swipes on easily, goes on clear and dries quickly. Choose from scents like "Dusk", "Forest" and "Sport." Get them on Amazon.
EO Organic Deodorant Spray
If you're looking for a natural alternative to spray-on Degree or Axe deodorant, you might try this EO Organic Deodorant Spray. It comes in several scents — citrus, lavender and even vetiver — that are refreshing and uplifting. If you're concerned about deodorants with ingredients you can't pronounce, you'll enjoy the fact that this is formulated with just three ingredients: water, naturally-derived alcohol and pure essential oils. The alcohol will kill and keep unwanted odor-causing bacteria at bay, while the essential oils will keep you smelling your best throughout the day. Like most natural deodorants, this isn't an antiperspirant, so it won't prevent you from sweating. But it will keep you smelling fresh.

To use, just spray a few sprays under each underarm, on feet, in gym bags and even in shoes. If you're worried about staying fresh on the go, you can also grab these EO Natural Deodorant Wipes that are perfect for travel. Get it on Amazon.
Schmidt's Here + Now Sensitive Skin Deodorant
Many of the first natural deodorants to hit the market were formulated with baking soda, including many in the original line of Schmidt's. But this new collab with Schmidt's and Justin Bieber, Schmidt's Here + Now Sensitive Skin deodorant, is a baking soda-free natural deodorant that's perfect for sensitive skin. If you've tried natural deodorants in the past, only to end up with rashy, itchy underarms, the problem could be baking soda.

This activated charcoal formula is designed to neutralize odor without the use of baking soda, aluminum and artificial fragrances. To apply, hold the deodorant stick against the skin for a few moments to warm the formula. A small amount goes a long way — only one or two swipes will do. Get it on Amazon.