Highly-Rated Men's Running Shoes That Will Put A Spring In Your Step

Step into 2023 with a pair of kicks that will support your feet while you rack up the miles.
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Men's ruunning shoes from Asics, Adidas, and Hoka

According to podiatrists, it’s a good idea to replace your running shoes every 300 to 500 miles. That may sound like a massive number, but you reach it faster than you may think. If you’re in the habit of hitting 10,000 steps a day, you’ll reach 300 miles in just two months. If you’re training for a race, you can expect to hit that benchmark even quicker.

Maybe you’ve made it your New Year’s resolution to walk or run more. If so, you’ll definitely want running shoes that support your feet properly. And if you’re going to be wearing the same pair of shoes for hundreds of miles, you want to make sure you invest in a pair that will actually feel good to run in.

That’s where paying attention to customer reviews and ratings can come in handy. This lets you know what people who have literally walked in your shoes (or at least the ones you’re eying) think and also gives you the ability to get insight from a variety of customers and not just one salesperson.

Rounded up here are the 10 men’s running shoes on Zappos that customers have rated the absolute highest. Of these top picks, there’s a wide variety in brands, styles and colors. Keep reading to check them out and get ready to put your best foot forward.

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Altra Via Olympus sneaker
If you’re looking for running shoes with lots of cushioning, this may be the pair for you. Even though there are layers of soft cushioning, the shoes promise to be lightweight. Customers — who have given the shoes a perfect five-star rating — say that the cushioning effectively absorbs shock and makes legs feel less fatigued during runs.
Altra Provision 7 sneaker
Another Altra style that customers are loving is the Provision 7. Like the Olympus, they have a lot of cushioning but are cut a little wider. “This is the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever owned,” raved one reviewer, who says they walk between eight to 10 miles a day. “[I]n every type of scenario I put these shoes in they perform very well,” wrote another reviewer named Joel. “I ran on track, concrete, well-padded dirt trails, and blacktop roads.”
Hoka Zinal
People who are into Hokas tend to be really into Hokas and this style is the one customers rate the highest. One customer says that they’re especially good for arch support when running, so if that’s something you’re looking for, you may have found your perfect pair.
Skechers Go Run Consistent
Skechers ranks high when it comes to regular running shoes too. Customers say this style offers lots of support and is durable. Many use them for everyday use, including wearing them for walks, to the gym and to run errands.
Salomon S/Lab Phantasm CF
The Salomon S/Bab Phantasm CF running shoes make a statement but there’s more to them than their bold look. They’re loved for their moderate arch support (not too much and not too little) and that they’re just as comfy at the end of a long run as they are in the beginning.
Adidas Running Ultraboost S.RDY
The rubber in the outsoles of these sneakers gives an added boost with each stride (hence their name) while also preventing slipping on wet or dry surfaces. There is also a “bridge” that connects the front and back of the shoe, giving extra stability. It may be a little pricey for all these bells and whistles, but customers who have the shoe say it’s worth it.
Brooks Glycerin StealthFit 20
Many runners swear by Brooks, so it’s not surprising that these sneaks have a perfect five star rating. They’re made with what the brand calls “nitro-infused softness,” which is a fancy way of saying that the underfoot is made with nitrogen-containing foam. The end result is cushioning that won’t weigh you down.

$159.95 on Zappos
Adidas Alphaboost
The Adidas Alphaboost is a great choice if you’re looking for running shoes you can wear even when you aren’t working out—they’re both stylish and functional. Customers like that the moderate amount of cushioning provides just enough spring in the step. One person even said that wearing them felt like walking on clouds.
Asics Noosa Tri 14
If you’re looking for running shoes that will really support your ankles, this pair of Asics is up to the job. The structure and material of the sole was made with this in mind while also absorbing the shock from impact in the heel. The end result is a shoe that’s both lightweight and sturdy.
The North Face Vectiv Taraval
As you would expect from a shoe made by North Face, these running shoes are made for both road running and trails. The high cut provides more ankle support than many other styles of running shoes. In the reviews, customers say they’ve put them to the test running in rain and winter weather and they hold up.
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