Best Mother's Day Gifts Ever: Tonya Lewis Lee, Rachel Roy, Nicole Ari Parker & More Celeb Moms Dish

Celeb Moms Tell Us About Their Best Mother's Day Gifts

Picking out the perfect gift for mom can by daunting. Do you go with the fancy perfume, beautiful bauble or plush throw? While these are all great options, nothing ever seems good enough for dear ol' mom.

So in an effort to get a better idea of some acceptable options The Huffington Post reached out to a few of our favorite celebrity moms--fashion designer Rachel Roy, Tonya Lewis Lee, Nicole Ari Parker and a few more--to get the scoop on the best Mother's Day gift they ever received.

Unsurprisingly the ladies said their kids (amongst a few other things) topped the list. So it turns out that all mom needs is Y.O.U! But it's probably a good idea to get her a little something-something on the side too.

Check out the slideshow below for the super sweet responses from a few of our favorite celebrity moms. And tell us what the best Mother's Day gift you've received or have given was in the comments section.

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Tonya Lewis Lee with husband Spike, son Jackson and daughter Satchel

Our Fav Celeb Moms On Their Best Mother's Day Gift

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