The 5 Best Movies For Mature Audiences In 2013

This image released by Toronto International Film Festival shows Julianne Nicholson, from left, Meryl Streep and Julia Robert
This image released by Toronto International Film Festival shows Julianne Nicholson, from left, Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts in a scene from "August: Osage County," a film being showcased at the Toronto International Film Festival. (AP Photo/Toronto International Film Festival)

With some of Hollywood's finest actors and actresses like Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep belonging to the post-50 crowd, tinseltown can't help but cater to the boomer generation at the box office. And we have to say, the studios sure didn't disappoint in 2013.

Post 50s make up around a quarter of all moviegoers and that number is likely to keep growing, with studios churning out hits like "Gravity" starring George Clooney and "Captain Phillips" with Tom Hanks. They've also gotten the hint that mature moviegoers have a wide variety of interests and don't just want to see the chronicles of aging on screen.

From a hilarious story about a long-married couple, to a dark drama about a dysfunctional family, we've rounded up some of the best movies for mature audiences from 2013.

  • "Le Week-End"
    As any long-married couple approaching their anniversary, Nick, played by Jim Broadbent, and Meg, played by Lindsay Duncan, are looking to reignite their spark in their now routine marriage. They head to Paris to recreate their honeymoon and hilariously bicker their way through the City of Love. "A finely matched Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan explore the wrinkles of marriage with humor and honesty," says the Hollywood Reporter's David Rooney. "In addition to its unsentimental observation of the compromises of marriage, [the screenplay] gives poignant consideration to midlife nostalgia for youthful promise and idealism."
  • "August: Osage County"
    Opening Christmas Day, this intergenerational movie with a star-studded ensemble cast tells the story of a Midwestern family that is reunited over a family crisis. Film critic Alonso Duralde says the film "feels like a stew of McCullers and Tennessee Williams and Beth Henley and Robert Harling and countless other writers who have assembled the unhappy members of a dysfunctional family under one roof for subsequent fireworks of recrimination and regret." Dark and humorous, with performances from Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, the film has already nabbed several SAG Award nominations and is generating Oscar buzz.
  • "Inside Llewyn Davis"
    Nostalgia junkies will love this film about a struggling young folk singer trying to make it in New York in the 1960s. The Atlantic's Tomas Hachard says the film will remind moviegoers that "contrary to the story often told in retrospect, some people faced private tragedy and inner turmoil even in the open-minded, happy-go-lucky 1960s, and many came out just as lost as when they entered."
  • "All Is Lost"
    Following the trend of other major "survivor films" of this year including hits like "Gravity" and "Captain Phillips," "All Is Lost" is an adventure-drama starring Robert Redford as a man stranded alone in the Indian Ocean. AARP's entertainment editor, Meg Grant, praises Redford's performance. "At 77, Redford has cast off any lines mooring artistic achievement to age. No longer breezily handsome, today’s Sundance Kid is weathered and wrinkled and worried," Grant says.
  • "Nebraska"
    Shot entirely in black and white, "Nebraska" stars Bruce Dern as a man suffering from mild dementia, convinced he's won a million dollar sweepstakes requiring him to drive to Nebraska. His son, played by Will Forte, reluctantly agrees to accompany him on a touching road trip to claim his prize. " Summations can't convey the filmmaking delicacy that marries tart-tongued comedy with unexpected warmth in a story that touches on family, memory, getting old and staying alive," says Los Angeles Times' Kenneth Turan.

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