Best Music Videos 2012: The 20 Most Delicious Combinations Of Song And Sight (PHOTOS)

Get ready to waste an hour or four, because today we're bringing you the 20 most delicious, innovative and bizarre music videos of 2012.

Forget that MTV now appears to run reality TV meltdowns rather than new songs -- we want to honor this year's magical combination of infectious hits and over-the-top visuals that make music videos come to life, whether you find them online or on television. These works haunt our YouTube histories, shorten our attention spans and make the soundtrack-less real world a real drag sometimes, which is why we love them.

The following collection contains sword-bearing fashionista warriors, amorphous sand monsters, puppet shows and pony dancing. It has guest appearances by Marina Abramovic and the work of Mickalene Thomas...and yes, it also has a very naked Shia LaBeouf in there, too.

Enjoy our 20 favorite music videos of the year and let us know what we missed in the comments.

Best Music Videos of 2012