Best New Music

Last Friday night at 10 p.m. I made my way to the Green Parrot.

I was advised to go hear a band by the name of Trae Pierce and the T-Stone Band (please see their website). I wandered over to the Parrot with two friends. By the time I was entering the Parrot I was ensnared by the sounds and I never saw my two friends again. I made my way directly to the lip of the stage and slipped in amongst the dancers and left planet Earth.

Saturday night I was back for more. I went alone because everything I wanted was already there. And once again I melted into the crowd of dancers and lost myself in the supreme pleasure of epic talent.

Trae Pierce & the T-Stone Band is the creation of 4 time Grammy winner Trae Pierce. He produces, he writes, he composes, he sings, even something called a talk box with hints of Frampton, and he plays every instrument. He is a perfectionist and he has exacting taste in selecting his bandmates. One of these bandmates is his son Ramon, but he calls him Rae.

Rae, singer and songwriter, had the good fortune to be born into a world of music and the momentous energy he emits to the crowd is intoxicating. Rae is powerful as a rap singer, and dances like a god, yet his smile belies a real sweetness and when he spoke to me he spoke in poetic lyrics. He confessed his favorite way to pass his time is making music. Clearly he benefits from good genetics and the result is that Rae is a pure music machine. To me he felt like a ray of light come to brighten a sometimes somber world.

Discreet as a cat the bass player merits a mention. If you ever get to see him play live you'll see what I mean. While his torso reclines with his instrument resting comfortably against him almost like a lover, his fingers coolly strum while one sneakered foot is keeping pace with the fastest beats the drummer can pound out. Each member of the band contributes his speciality, and the combination is magic.

Now is a good time to mention David D1 Grant, the keyboard player. He is also loaded with credentials, co-founder of this band, producer, songwriter, etc. That's all I'll say for now because in April something very special is coming our way from him. Watch this space for details.

Then it was Sunday and I felt I had reentered Earth's atmosphere. Slightly saddened that in fact the dream had ended but happy to know they'll be back one day.

Thank you Trae Pierce and the T-stone Band. We will all be looking you up on iTunes and waiting on that new album promised for sometime this spring.